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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Darkened Soul
« on: March 13, 2014, 10:00:19 PM »
Still kicking....getting motivated to start working on something for Darkened Soul. MIT seems to still be stuck/stagnated at the moment but I do want to get that sob off the ground for at least one release. I am trying to get motivated being out of work (hey! that should give me tons of time but it doesn't as work search is more important atm). I need to sit down and pick a day or two during the week to get back into this again but it is hard...the motivation part that is. Ideas always float around in my brain, i just need to translate that crap into disturbing/depressive music hehe.

Anyways, I am looking into Absynth 5 tutorials as that thing really IS a beast...I want to look into more sound design stuff vs using loops and mangling them and building a track from that (hey it worked for me in the past so...). Wish I was a drummer (for MIT project)...hehe. But I want to try and get something together for Dark Duck Records DDP stuff as it's been too long that I haven't contributed to it. So a few things on my mind and may even sit down and say fuck the job search for a friday and see what percolates to the surface of my brain, not to mention looking into M4L stuff in Live 9 that I need to delve into as well. I have Studio One V2.5 and it's a nice piece of software, just not sure if I'll use it (WAY better multi-track MIDI editing for one over Live BUT Live has Session View for triggering clips for ideas and such). Anyways, enough of that (BitWig looks to be a big contender against Live once it's out soon....former Live devs doing it and it looks pretty impressive sans a Beta/Demo to play with atm). I can't justify a jump to that as it is anyways....but will check out the demo to see if it meets all the hoopla about it lately.


Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Guild Wars 2
« on: February 04, 2014, 07:53:10 PM »
I was debating on downloading it and checking it out. I play PWI which is also free to play (spend rl $ for gold to buy stuff, game). But GW2 I enjoy even though I've dropped some coin into it due to restricting high level mats needed for crafting was implemented awhile ago due to bot farming...hopefully they'll add more nodes for the 2-3 items back in that they currently have in a couple map areas.

I have the old PC version of NWN but never really got far into it. Maybe I'll give it a go. Right now it's the last leg/part of the Scarlett storyline in GW2 which is due to end in a couple of weeks I believe. I prefer the fights on the marionettes in Lornar's pass vs the wurms in Bloodtide coast (they are frickin hard to beat....way harder IMHO that lornar's). Finally hit 8k achievement points yesterday (or was it today?). But it's challenging, esp. thei dungeons in there...need to go with people who know the different paths in them. Hard stuff starting at lvl 35 lol. If you are in GW2 I think you can find me as metalmike.8346 or as one of my chars  - any first name (Scary/Sneaky/Cutey/Pain/Quickshot/Siren/Madness) and Kometh as last name. I am on Sanctum of Rall server/world as well.


Thanks for the well-wishes. I had an interview yesterday (3-4 QA Engineers to be hired) so I am hoping I am one of them. I blew 2/3 SQL questions on a 7 page test (first hr of 2 hr interview), aced XML page, pretty much aced 3 pages of test cases. Waiting on word about interviews for at least 3-4 other jobs as well. But things picked up for me in the past 2 weeks so I am hoping something pops REAL SOON for me so I can relax a bit and feel a bit more secure on things. And I am also starting to try to get back into music stuff (Darkened Soul, but focusing on getting Mired In Twilight off the damn ground again after some years of nothing, got another musician friend who may sign up for things, we just have to decide where we are gonna go with the music/style).

Anyways, best to all and if in Guild Wars 2, see my thread on that to find me in game ;-)


Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Guild Wars 2
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:47:36 PM »
There's simply too many games to play. (first world problems)

Haha, a buddy from PWI is now in Never Winter Nights Online (also put out by PWI folks). I may look into it. But with GW2 and the end of the Scarlett story (been going on for like almost a year now) it's interesting (1 of the 2 areas I've done 4/5 lanes for the living story so need to get last one done and get more items for her lair for the chest(s) in it = multiple runs on both areas...). But I like its tweakability for stuff and the current new events are actually fun (priors were ok too) and it gets insane, lag, overflow, etc...but i am still in there grinding away. I have 7 or 8 lvl 80 chars now (ele, war, guard, ranger, mes, thief (newest), necro, mesmer. Been updating warrior (asuran female ball of fury lmao) but there is a nerf coming for berserker builds, change to crit to ferocity, etc...just a start from the devs to better *balance* things in *their* minds for the game. That's already pissed off a lot of people from their comments. But from what I understand berserker will lose about 8-10% max dmg....and runes/sigils are also going to be mucked with. And I heard Celestial stat stuff is going to get hosed...that means any Ascended stuff you made will take a big hit....

Anyways, Pain Kometh, Scary/Siren/Quickshot/Sneaky/Madness/Cutey Kometh are my in-game char names, send a friend list invite if you are in game and send me an email so I know who it is and we'll figure out when to party together!


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Darkened Soul
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:15:01 PM »
I am still alive and around. I am just trying to get off my ass to work on some new stuff for DS and MIT....but...I am getting motivated to start working on new material...with a friend for MIT stuff. DS is still my baby..and have to get going on it as well seeing it's been over 5 yrs since anything has come out of it....


Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Guild Wars 2
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:55:32 AM »
Wow, no one playing GW2 at all here? So many content updates, and Wintersday is here (for a couple more weeks I think)! Dungeons are nuts, been doing them a bit more finally...need someone who knows them to help you set up utility skills for maximum efficiency/damage/defense though. 2 characters completed the storyline finally and still need 6% more mapped for Been There, Done That


I thought it was supposed to be available on their 8.1 release? Guess it didn't happen? And there are options out there to add it to Win8 as mentioned (some free, some cheap) but I am not touching it any time soon as long as Win7 has support. And yes, MS is daft when it comes to this situation. Too bad they weren't smart enough to say oh - this machine isn't touch screen so let's enable the start button, and give the touch screen enabled systems the option to have it there. But  noooooooo, too stubborn....

I played around with Win8 on a VM at work for testing IE10 and the web app and there was a bit of work the devs had to do for the CSS stuff displaying incorrectly in IE10 vs IE8/9 or FF/Chrome lmao....and now IE11.. I avoid IE* like the plague unless a website forces me to HAVE to use it for their forms and crap.


Well here it is 2014 and still not back to work. Had 2nd interview yesterday for a job in state (they are based out of australia).  i am now working on getting a skype discussion about a job that came about since i posted in craigslist about looking for work. I also have a couple other things I am working on (one trying to get concrete info from recruiter about the position and possible interview with the CEO - that's the only interview for that job, me want to speak with hiim!). Hopefully something will hit soon as unemployment ran out (buddy hooked me up for a couple months or so so I didn't have to hit the 401k just yet).

Our leaders in Senate/House/Congress are assholes, they take 3 frickin weeks vacation and leave those of us in need in the lurch. They should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY or replaced in the next election, every damn one of those (dems/repubs) who screwed us. And they really need to come off the dole off our backs  when they retire and get to keep their existing medical coverage FOR LIFE and their kids going to school should NOT even be covered by us just because they are in politics. Wish I went into that shit instead of working (sarcasm).


Well it's coming up on 6 months in 5 more weeks. I've had a LOT of phone interviews, a bunch of walk-ins and recently round 2 on the phone with one company. Hoping they bring me in for a walk-in. Have another phone interview this afternoon and one late monday afternoon with yet another different company. Also waiting on word of a phone or walk-in with Sandisk after speaking with the recruiter last night. Lots of activity but no setting the hook (which is stressing me out). Had one possible but they passed on me (probably due to no network switch configuration experience or deeper linux/SQL) but it would have been dream job, work at home, go to california for training, go to Belgium to meet development group....MAN I WANTED THAT ONE SOOOOOO BADLY.

Keeping the chin up though and taking the hits in stride....still.


Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Guild Wars 2
« on: August 26, 2013, 06:35:03 AM »
Well, 6 lvl 80 chars, most exotic gear/trinkets but still need to grind to get mats I need in the TP (Azurite Orbs). New events are brutal and lots of people doing them so some lag will occur.

Guardian - Greatsword/Scepter + Shield
Necro - Staff/Scepter and Warhorn/focus
Ranger - Longbow/Shortbow or Longbow + Greatsword or dual axes
Warrior - Greatsword or Dual Axes (prefer GS)
Mesmer - Greatsword or dual swords (interesting)
Elementalist - dual daggers running air/earth - fun to play

This past weekend they had a free preview if anyone knew of it. Content being added, Jubilee guantlet was a pita and haven't finished it...not sure I will!

Still trudging along, Ele almost done storyline, just have Zhaitan to beat up/kill to finish her storyline. Rest eventually...not in a rush, mainly grinding for mats to make better gear/trinkets as I leveled up. I have master craftsman (400) but they are raising that cap to 500 by years end which means making ascended/legendary gears but need all sorts of stuff to craft them = won't be cheap or fast unless you got a lot of money to blow. Some items in TP still 2K+ gold! NUTS!


Well when I get off my ass to put another release out on either Darkened Soul or Mired In Twilight I'll be in touch. I just need to get motivated again and sit down with my software and start noodling on stuff....haven't had much emphasis on it again after getting excited to work on stuff awhile ago....hopefully I'll get something together for either project and get in touch with you.


Laid off 3 weeks ago....again. But had 2 interviews (walk-ins) last week but they passed on me....buggers! But I had 2 phone interviews this week as well and am waiting to hear back from them. Now I have to collect NH unemployment which BLOWS since I am losing ~$201 a week since they pay that much less than MA unemployment. That means I need to find a job fairly quickly since I will be hitting my bank account to pay bills and eat (not too much but still have to vs with MA I wouldn't have to touch my bank account, just reckon with the tax man end of the year since I don't take taxes out as I'd be eating more of my bank account while not working otherwise....).

What bugs the shit out of me is a lot of the jobs are in Boston/Cambridge and it isn't worth the frickin hassle of a 2 hr commute each way to drive 30 frickin miles at this point. I'm looking outside the city and having some luck. I am hoping CSR or Hitachi interview me and pick me up in the near future as I don't care about driving to Burlington MA (2x miles but not near the headache of doing Boston or Cambridge) and I'm not a city person, i.e. public transportation or just going to Boston for doing something, too many idiots/parking/etc...

Wish me luck on landing something soon. Being out 3 wks and having 2 walk-ins and 2 phone screeners is a hell of a lot better than the last time I was laid off...still  not feeling warm and fuzzy and hope to god I don't have to put my place on market and sell it and move to an apartment/with the girlfriend as that'd really suck....I do want to sell at some point but when I am stable with work and have some money in the bank for a down payment on a house...


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: June 05, 2013, 07:49:07 PM »
Doomed - In My Own Abyss from Germany, this is some really REALLY GOOD DOOM/DEATH METAL for those into it. Highly recommended, going to buy his new release once it is out in very near future.


Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: VST / Software Suggestions?
« on: March 28, 2013, 03:29:59 AM »
Komplete 9 has been announced and may be order-able or pre-order-able at this time. 33 instruments, it includes The Giant piano and a new monophonic synth and Battery 4 + the rest of the stuff. If you got the coin get ultimate on an external drive ;-)

I've updated to K7->K8 for $114.50 or so the past 2 yrs and I can go to 9 for $149....but don't know if I want to blow any more coin on stuff I am rarely using these days. I am attempting to get Mired off the ground yet again with an old friend at this time....

Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Guild Wars 2
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:23:51 AM »
Ele, Mes and Guardian are lvl 80, got some nice armor/acutriments for those 3 but need to grind for coin to get runes mats to make them or buy them due to the cost of them alone... Living Story was updated and I did 2 parts of it last night (watch discussion between Rytlok and the 2 others then assist them in battles). So it was a fairly big update recently (again). Got a human ranger and sylvari thief (finding them rather weak (thief) in general). Still grinding away and curse shore is a bear solo...

Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Amazon Cloud Player
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:20:51 AM »
I have Duran Duran - Rio in there and I don't recall when I bought that (way way long time ago if so....) among other albums. I think I have 2xx more songs that can be put up there by myself. I don't think it reflects anything I purchase from amazon but will have to check that after next purchase. Kind of nice when I don't want to mount up my network share from my WHS or while at work vs playing what I've ripped to company laptop....

OK, apparently we came from the DNA of the Engineers, got that - check....we find them, one left alive goes spazzo and kills most and tries to leave the planet headed for earth to deliver the aliens....WHY? It'll be interesting to see if a) he does complete the sequel and b) how the lone woman heading to Engineer planet deals with things/what happens there....

I thought they were on earth when the one engineer drinks the nasty black goo and transforms while falling into the water and DNA dissolves/changes/re-combines...I thought that he was on Earth and most say the same.... and we have the evil robot and I knew what he was going to do once he said "organic" then met the buzzed scientist in the lounge...

So what do you all think will come from the next movie? I want to know why they want to launch the aliens to our planet for one thing, secondly I don't think it has been answered as to how/why they created the aliens (did they? still not sure here...). Still was a decent movie overall....but I am trying to figure out how the one person changed to look like an Engineer and was kicking major ass on the crew...who was he? The irishman was dead, other one got impregnated and I am not sure if he was brought back to the ship....if he was...then why was he looking like one of the Engineers?

Will be interesting to see how he ties things in for the next one, if he does do it....


Everything and Nothing / Re: Am I a putz or a whack-job?
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:14:30 AM »
I am over fifty and I like extreme/doom/death metal also, and if you don't know these check them out, I love them!

there's no hope for you with jazz though ;D ;D

o.O  Saturnus! Fabulous band, I need to get their newest release and am awaiting Mourning Beloveth's forthcoming, or was it Mournful Congregation...either way but fantastic doom bands. Good choice ;-)

Everything and Nothing / Am I a putz or a whack-job?
« on: January 12, 2013, 12:30:21 AM »
I have been into rock/hard rock/metal/extreme metal since roughly 1974-ish but in the '80's I got exposed to jazz (experimental - jean luc ponty, stanley clarke/etc....) and it tickles my fucking fancy with some of them. BUT that is also when I got into *electronic* music a-la Tangerine Dream. I got wicked into Jean Luc Ponty in that time-frame and I know he did a stint with Zappa in the '70's as well. BUT his Cosmic Messenger was so f-n impacting/impressive it STILL blows me away to this day. Am I am retro-dick? I LOVE that album and I think the one after. Same goes for Tangerine Dream, I loved them for their 80's sound till roughly mid 90's because it became commercial IMHO. I know they have a ton of movie stuff along with their regular releases but they went too *happy* IMHO* compared to Green Desert and beyond (esp. in mid 90's IMHO). I loved their stuff and would have paid a good price to see them live back in the early 90's but then changed direction like JLP did. I also was into KennyG back in the day (his first big release, after that = nty). Also was into Clarke/Duke project but that's another ball of wax.

Anyways, being 50+ now and still into the old stuff and extreme metal (I LOVE this shit! death/black/doom), am I a cog in the wheel, or a regular joe still moving forward with life BUT still digging current/old shit? I feel old now! HAHAHAH

Comment as you see fit folks! I can take it!


Got it on blu-ray as well recently but have not watched it. I guess I'll have to pay attention to this closely to give any thoughts/questions when I get around to watching it. Who are these engineers?

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