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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Virtual - Elve - Emerald
« on: August 04, 2010, 10:14:14 AM »
What's a "glass mastered" CD?  ???

Everything and Nothing / Re: Is there such a thing as a "black CD"???
« on: August 04, 2010, 10:10:48 AM »
Both KS's mgr and label MIG-Music insist these are CD's, despite all evidence to the contrary.   ::)

Have you tried submitting some demos to Ambient Live? They've released quite a few Seren tracks on compilations, and full-length dark ambient projects by Phobos, Edge Effect, and Phrozenlight.  I could see Oophoi sitting nicely beside those artists.   

There was a post recently on the Forum about a collaboration w/ Seren F. that is finished and planned for a Hypnos release.  Believe it is called "Martian Chronicles." 

No argument from me that Oophoi is great.  I still think "Celestial Geometries" is the best space music (as in outer space) release ever.  I think he may have gotten "burned out" with doing so much in such a relatively short period of time (roughly 2000 to 2005).  That is, running his own label and doing a lot of recording.  I'm looking forward to the new music. (PS: I agree the Aqua Dorsa disc wasn't really an Oophoi album but was still quite good).   

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« on: July 25, 2010, 11:31:56 AM »
Rapoon-Dream Circle (new reissue). Great!

Fanger & Schonwalder-Analog Overdose 2. Haunting, ultra-smooth modern Berlin School ambient.
Kubusschnitt-Entropy's Evolution.  With Gert Emmens as a member, this sounds more like an Emmens solo album.  Ruud Heij's input seems dwarfed, but nonetheless very good album.
A.Die/Parallel Worlds-Circo Divino. Exquisite.
Steve Brand-Because We Were Once Covered in Gold. Excellent space music release.
Steve Brand/Disturbed Earth-Busy with Dreams. Dark drone, very industrial feel bordering on "harsh" at times.  Not for the casual listen, but good stuff nonetheless.

The Reegs- The Reegs Collection. Ex-Chameleons guitarists' project.  Essential dream rock. 

Regarding the correct pronunciation of the Die in Alio Die, per a conversation with Robert Rich back in '94, it is pronounced "dee-ay."  But I still use the less syllable easier version, "dye." 

Regarding Circo Divino, I just received this and it is a gorgeous album.  The modular synths and Musso's drones mix perfectly, and the female vox are exquisite.  Fantastic cover artwork, too.  Circo Divino is to DIE for! (or is it to "dee-ay" for?)

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Andrew Chalk- The Cable House
« on: July 25, 2010, 11:09:43 AM »
Yes, the Tanner Menard disc on Slow Flow Rec is awesome--heavily processed muted pianoscapes.  I've put off getting the Cable House and will definitely be picking it up. 

Mathias Grassow is unique--there are too many CD's yet you can never get enough  ;D

re: Klaus Wiese comment above:  Grassow hasn't released much lately anyways, so I wouldn't say the quality has necessarily gone down...

I have MOST of those listed above and more.  If I had to choose ONE, probably would be Silent Lucidity from 1993.  This was originally a cassette but Mathias burned it to disc for me.  I'm sure you could order it from him.

David Tollefson
Jeff Pearce

Everything and Nothing / Re: Is there such a thing as a "black CD"???
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:35:18 AM »
Yes, these are the Klaus Schulze LVE 5 and 6 on Mig-Music.  I received an as always cantankerous e-mail reply from Klaus D. Mueller, Schulze's producer/manager, telling me I don't know what I'm talking about.  This guy likes to argue about everything.  He said no wonder I asked such a dumb question, I'm from CALIFORNIA! (as if that disqualifies me from knowing anything) I pointed out that just because a release is "mass produced" doesn't mean the manufacturer didn't use recordable media.  I've got lots of "professionally produced" CDR's with on disc printing labels.  If you google "black cd's" you will find no evidence of any such thing as a black replicated CD.   8)   

i LOVE that Transmuting Currents CD.  Still hoping for a follow-up.

How could I forget DANIEL LANOIS???

Re: Fripp--A Blessing of Tears is one of his best.

Other great chilled gtr:

David Sylvian (his two collabs with Holger Czukay especially)

Michael Brook- Hybrid & Live at the Aquarium are classics

Bill Laswell-Divination "Akasha," Divination "Sacrifice," "Cymatic Scan"

Dif Juz-Extractions

Edgar Froese

Terje Rypdal

Bill Nelson

David Torn

Everything and Nothing / Re: Is there such a thing as a "black CD"???
« on: July 21, 2010, 12:38:07 AM »
Thanks for the comments. My own research confirms what everyone else is saying.  The producer, distributor and record label still insist it's a CD.

Everything and Nothing / Is there such a thing as a "black CD"???
« on: July 20, 2010, 06:58:10 AM »
Is there such a thing as a "black CD"?  By this I mean the playing surface is black instead of silver.  I say these are not replicated CD's but CDR's.  A label is telling me their black discs are really CD's.  I invite all media experts to comment. Thanks!

Yes, Arcanum is an AWESOME release!  I bought the original release on Arya/Amplexus in 1997 and was blown away.  The bonus tracks on the reissue by Faria are excellent and this is worth purchasing even if you have the original. 

I've been collecting these La Vie Electronique releases for the last couple years.  They are reissues of material from some of those massive limited edition box sets from the 90's like "Ultimate Edition," "Historic Edition," "Jubilee Edition," etc.  The first four LVE were released by SPV/Revisited in Germany.  Only the first two were available domestically.  Now a label called MIG (Made in Germany) is releasing the remaining volumes (5 and 6 recently released, 7 and 8 in the next couple months).  I received volumes 5 and 6 yesterday.  Same gorgeous, high-quality digipak foldout packaging (3 discs per set like the others), except....they are on CDR'S!!!??!  The disc labels are similar to the previous sets, yet the playing surface is BLACK (CDR).  What's up with this? Anyone have these and noticed this?

Everything and Nothing / Re: Classical Lute Music
« on: July 11, 2010, 02:06:06 PM »
I'm a recent lute convert, too.  Just picked up Paul O'Dette's "Marco dall'Aquila: Pieces for Lute" on Harmonia Mundi.  Great disc. It was recorded live in a castle so there's  tons of natural reverb on this recording. The classical purists are poo-pooing this recording for this reason but being an ambient fan I think it adds rather than takes away. Highly recommended CD.

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