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Clips sound ace.

When will this be released as I would like to purchase the CD quite urgently  ;)
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« Last post by thirdsystem on Yesterday at 12:28:28 PM »
Up in the busy city today my respite was ...............

Ishqamatics - Spacebound

You know what........ I am beginning to feel this album is an ambient masterpiece. Stunning space ambient of the highest quality. Love it.

Looking forward to my Waterbound CD arriving imminently.
I've heard all tracks without >> button. Very musical and atmosphere which is not usual for modern released ambient
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« Last post by drone on on November 25, 2014, 04:29:54 PM »
Radiant Mind--Strands.  3rd release on Steve Roach's website label for emerging artists (previous CDs were by Brian Parnham and Nathan Youngblood).  Unlike RM's debut disc on Periphery, this one is pure rhythmless ambience.  Roach produced, mastered, and contributed his sonics here.  This is quite a dark and abstract type of drifting ambient, in close quarters with Roach & Obmana's Well of Souls.  Like falling into an endless abyss.  Not unpleasant, but a little scary during the freefall.  Recommended for skydiving at night.
Thanks for the tip, Drone On.  I've ordered Neroli double CD from All Saints, so it's too late for me on that one, but I'll probably pass on the Shutov reissue.

A short review of the bonus discs for Neroli and Shutov Assembly:

Neroli:  Disc 2 is a single long-Form track called New Space Music.  This is a thick, bassy, droney piece which ebbs and recedes.  It's ok but nothing essential for ambient fans.  It actually sounds a lot like some of Celer's stuff.

The Shutov Assembly:  Disc 2 is not what I was expecting so buyer beware.  Music was created during the same period but save for two of the seven tracks, the music is strange and rhythmic instead of drifting and ambient.  If you hoped to get more like Shutov tracks you will be disappointed.

These reissues did remind me how good the original albums are.  I would probably recommend to keep your original CDs and save your money, unless you are a completist or collector.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Heathen Harvest Periodical Seeking New Blood
« Last post by HeathenHarvest on November 23, 2014, 04:58:45 PM »

      My name is Sage and I am the founder of the Heathen Harvest Periodical ( ).  We are currently seeking out new contributors to write on all sorts of experimental music and visual art that would fall under or around the "post-industrial" banner--this includes drone, ambient, noise, musique concrete, etc.  We try to take an academic / scholarly approach to writing, and we welcome those who wish to focus on non-review articles from interviews to editorials, or even a column if the idea fits well enough.  If interested, please contact me at -- Thanks!

My apologies to the moderators if this is not where this post belongs--it is what seemed most appropriate at the time of posting.
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« Last post by Dave Michuda on November 23, 2014, 09:25:22 AM »
The Circular Ruins - Full Circle  -  Thanks to Chris for this recommendation.  Just downloaded it from Bandcamp today.  Very nice & I agree the opening track is awesome.
Locust - After the Rain  -  This has a 70s electronic vibe to it.  At times sounding like Cluster, Eno or A Bowie instrumental.  Spacey, moody and getting better with each listen.
VA - Kollektion 1 (SKY Records)  -  Speaking of 70s electronic music, this is a great collection of music from Sky records.  Featuring music from Roedelius, Cluster, Michael Rother, Moebius, Asmus Tietchens, etc.  Excellent!

now with audio clips of all the 7 tracks!
Bought Neroli and Shutov at Amoeba last night.  I will post my thoughts on bonus discs after a few listens.  The packaging on these is nice--digipak size hardbound book with nice photos, interviews, essays, etc.  My only complaint is the paper sleeves used to house the discs.  All four CDs were scratched at assembly plant from scraping the disc in thin paper slots.  Maybe some people don't care but I don't feel good about paying $20 for a damaged "new" product!  Grrrrrrr....
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