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WALDORF Q - Ambient Chillout Music Soundscape 【SYNTH DEMO】

VIDEO & MUSIC: - Waldorf Q synth demo - playing glitch house / ambient dub idm music soundscape on Waldorf Q virtual analog / digital synth from Waldorf.

This minimal ambient house / glitch tech / idm dub soundscape synthesizer music created via oscillators, noise, step sequencer, reverb and delay effects.



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  Haven't heard it though but with his extreme experiments in sound these days I'm not getting my hopes up. 

What are your (sorry to quote you for this word) "extreme" hopes and expectations for this artist - once more the usual and well known deep Ambient from Roach?

Though this was a miss placed quote I do agree with Tomas's words.

Sylvian cd on its way to me...I was interested in the book but it seems to be currently unavailable.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by phobos on Today at 02:33:12 PM »
Oh yeah love Ramp!!!  Where's Stephen Parsick???

He's around, pops up regularly on another forum.
Oh I see, thought it had disappeared. Thanks.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New David Sylvian, Steve Roach
« Last post by jkn on Today at 01:29:52 PM »
Tomas - hey, no problem!  Can't count the number of times I've misread something. 
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Gear: Studio shots by Deb
« Last post by jkn on Today at 01:28:04 PM »
I cross-posted this thread over on Relaxed Machinery and want to cross post ours over here... most of us are at both - but a few aren't... so here you go!

Many of the studios are in both threads.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: New David Sylvian, Steve Roach
« Last post by El culto on Today at 01:14:32 PM »
El Culto - the "extreme" comment is about David Sylvian, not Steve Roach.

Sorry, Ive misread the post. Thanks for the clarification!
Yes, we deleted the abusive posts.
Please don't take any offense that we deleted your post with them. You were right to point out the problem.
The el culto thread is still there, just farther down than you were looking. Remember it got bumped up because of the posts, so went back down when we deleted them.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by drone on on Today at 11:34:32 AM »
U2--Songs of Innocence.  Much better than No Line on the Horizon.  Some really good tracks on this.  I am torn, as bono alluded to once, whether the band should keep going or call it a day.  This is no Boy or October, but  still worth checking out.
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