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Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Antelope announces 3 new upcoming products.
« Last post by Ekstasis on Yesterday at 11:36:02 PM »
I am really impressed by what Antelope are doing lately. I still think the overall most impressive piece in thier line right now is the zen studio. It's just a killer forward thinking complete package.

As such I can't wait to check out the new devices they announced at AES

Yes zen studio is impressive,  the only weak link is the monitor controller in that unit,  I wonder if it can be bypassed totally  to use an external unit?  Not done any research how their mic pres perform I guess it is the same pres we will find in mp32. But I guess in the league of solid state and transpercry they perform quite well.

Satori seem like a very good monitor controller,  if it had the same dual dac design as pure2 it has an advantage over the competing products for sure.  With the current price it does compete with avocet mkii. Dangerous source remain the best price value,  Antelope have been giving us a hint that a monitor controller to compete with dangerous source are in the works...

I am really impressed by what Antelope are doing lately. I still think the overall most impressive piece in thier line right now is the zen studio. It's just a killer forward thinking complete package.

As such I can't wait to check out the new devices they announced at AES
Recording and mastering @ 24bit makes sense to me.  Why not capture more detail if its available and when I switched from 16 bit to 24 bit recordings there was a difference.  The thing is I now have to use words like "more presence" to express what I mean and this is not science but emotion.  I cant prove it but I hear it. 

Now how high you go in sample for bats says it all.  I have always recorded at the target cd rate, 44.1khz. because I dont feel comfortable with up and down sampling.  For what you gain you will loose or add what was not original there so for better or worse I keep it simple and the only conversion is from 24 bit to 16 bit. 

in other media such as photography there is absolutely no argument over image quality.  An 8"X10" negative captures so much more information than a 35mm, or I should say a 50 megapixel digital back on a medium format camera and a full frame 35mm sensor.  Same size print...the difference is astonishing.  Perhaps our eyes are more sensitive than our ears....i dont think so.  Our brain is not as well trained to understand the information the ears delivers compared to our eyes...perhaps, but the key word is training.  With sight you get what you is how you perceive it that changes what you see, not the actual information. Is the same true for the ears?
For those who can't get enough of Mr. Eno.  The bonus disc for Nerve Net is the unreleased My Squelchy Life.  There is also a longform bonus disc for Neroli that sounds promising:

Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Chromecast Fun
« Last post by darkenedsoul on Yesterday at 05:09:58 PM »
No, I guess what I was saying is that neither Chromecast nor Roku would seem to be much use if you don't want to watch streaming video, since that's pretty much all they do.

Chromecast from what I understand slings it to your TV from a PC - not what I am interested in. Roku though has a bunch of stuff on it (I am looking for free worthwhile stuff on it) to put out to my TV since it isn't *smart*. Cheap enough investment and I already have Prime from Amazon via my PS3 so I can watch whatever I feel like when bored with TV or just for something different. I know Roku has a bunch of channels (some not for kiddies). Anyone check out I think a horror movie streaming channel on it? Be interested to see if there's anything cult or worth while in that respect (and/or sci-fi/anime/fantasy channels).

Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese...
Case in point:  Robert Fripp, Harold Budd, Jon Hassell...
24 bit is definitely no placebo effect.. It is always frustrating to have to down sample to 16 bit.. When you  hear such drastic difference.. But it does also matter what music..  But especially with ambient music I hear a difference..  If I buy an digital flac album I would easily choose the 24 bit if there was a choice.

Many blind tests regarding 16 vs 24 bit have proved that peopled canīt hear a difference. In any case, when it comes to CD anything has to go down to 16 bit anyway. To hear a difference especially (!) in ambient music is a huge myth for me. When it come to classical music with a lot (!) of dynamics there is a reason for this higher bit/sample rate rate, but when when it comes to Ambient I donīt know any music in this genre using the full dynamic making it worth at all to for the additional headroom nor a higher sampling rate.

Are people really be able to hear a difference between 192kbit and 320kbit mp3?   ;D

But OK, itīs usual that those believers feel better if they can say they feel have the tools or special gear (the price for the additional investment in those cases needs an explanation too) or rendering options. Iīm pretty sure, if I would offer 2 unnamed files for a blind testing concerning this issue, those people would avoid to be part of that test.

He played beautifully on David Sylvian's masterpiece Gone to Earth.
I think 750 copies is a lot for this, especially at this inflated cost.  I agree, it is great stuff but I just can't justify the cost.  Mark dwane released a limited edition of 1,000 I think back in late 90s, at $25 a copy.  Took a long time for those to sell out.  In fact it may still be available.  I think an artist should set the price at whatever they see fit, but you are going to run into fans who just won't pay that much.
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