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Please do and your fellow writers have great taste in single malts.  Look forward to it!
Beautiful indeed.

I forgot to report in here about some very nice single malts I enjoyed in Boston at a convention this summer. Must dig through Facebook to find photos and details.
Excellent thirdsystem.......I can only imagine. That last picture is beautiful!  Its been a few months since I had some Edradour in the house.  Have to change that.   Thanks for sharing
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Sorry Pete Kelly....On Inspiration
« Last post by petekelly on Yesterday at 01:53:50 PM »
Regarding 'blocks', I presume that the finishing of something is generally more the problem than the starting of something (?)
Just back from a short break in Highland Perthshire where I visited this place...........

The smallest distillery in Scotland where everything is hand made by the three distillery workers.

I purchased this........

and thereafter partook of said amber nectar of the gods, at my holiday place, looking out over this landscape one afternoon in the late summer sun....

Very pleasant indeed.

PS Julio .....this dram also tasted wonderful in the distillery tasting room  ;) 8)
Everything and Nothing / Re: What is the Hypnos Forum to you ?
« Last post by thirdsystem on Yesterday at 12:19:51 PM »
Well I have only been here since Dec 2013 but have thoroughly enjoyed the posts here. Ambient music has really taken over my life, well okay, my listening this past 3 years or so. Thus it is highly appropriate I have found this place.

My own music has always been guitar orientated rock with side projects of African/Scottish/instrumental concepts. However I am being inspired by listening to some stunning ambient music recently and my studio will be getting fired up again over the winter months for some deep ambient research and playing. Hopefully this guitarist/Djembe player will be picking up some tips from the wealth of experience and musicianship on here  :D

Favourite thread on this website............has to be..........Currently Listening  8)
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by thirdsystem on Yesterday at 12:08:59 PM »
Two new ...txt releases have arrived  :)


Mick Chillage - Reverie.....yet another really beautiful ambient album from Mick.

Autumn Of Communion 3.9. Three very different remixes of the AOC track Solar Image by Mick, Ishq and Nacthplank. Really superb.

AOC 5, their final release, is up for pre-order on the ...txt website. Only 100 available from the website with the other 50 going to distributors in Japan and USA.
I would _not_ follow me on this...  I use APC and some similar "upper end boxstore strips". 
Everything and Nothing / Re: What is the Hypnos Forum to you ?
« Last post by jkn on Yesterday at 05:36:06 AM »
I love Loren's "old shoe" analogy.  I love to slip that well worn yet still totally darn good looking shoe on and say hello here now and then.  It's always been a good place to be.  I've met a lot of people here over the decade+ I've been hanging around.
Thats a great post Mike!

Personally I am never blocked because I dont look at it as if something is in my way preventing creation.  Im not doing anything now and now I am....or perhaps there simple is not a beginning or and ending it just is happening.

Does not mean I don't struggle and doubt during the creation. 

Does not mean that I can  take the fun out of creating by being too serious.....Im make serious ambient music now.

Does not mean that I dont labor for months to years over a music or photographic project wonder is it done.  Is it enough.  It needs something.  When should I just let it go?

All of this is part of the process and I put it together as the journey.....departure and arrival are not so important for me....its whats in between that is.
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