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I agree with Julio.Receiving the same offers for the last week.Guess it is like a promotion sale.

On the other topic,depending on what currency you are paying and shipping,I have paid for a download far more than what a physical CD would cost.In 2015,some download sites are still charging a premium for FLAC VS MP3.It is similar to what I receive on my shipping invoices from Fed Ex,fuel surcharge of $,like in 2004.What? When fuel is the lowest it has been in years,still a surcharge.It cost less now to store FLAC files than it did a year ago,same analogy with fuel.
Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Home Music Server
« Last post by SunDummy on November 24, 2015, 12:55:37 PM »
^^^ That looks pretty slick!

I bought a new place, and was having trouble with my Airplay dropping out; turns out it was conflicting with my other router.  So, I got one of these:

The sound is awesome, and it's on its own frequency, so networks are irrelevant.  The transmitter dongle acts as a sound card; I control itunes from my phone or ipad, just like with Airplay (but without drop-outs), and send the signal to a receiver dongle hooked to audio ins on my amp.  It even lets you transmit to multiple receivers, so you can stream music all over the house without the annoying lag of Bluetooth.  Highly recommend, especially for folks like me who can't solder like  ;-)
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Whatever happened to....?
« Last post by Bert/ on November 24, 2015, 10:17:36 AM »
Mr Brennan is still working on a new project. There's no release date set yet but, its looking like first half of 2016 if all goes well....

his way of talking about the music himself reflects pretty much the way the album descriptions are written
Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Home Music Server
« Last post by on November 24, 2015, 05:00:00 AM »
I got all the parts for a touchscreen version of the player.  The wiring on the back (particularly the USB stuff) is a bit messy but I'll clean that up.

A child could easily build one of these.  When I was young, I build a ham radio from a kit by Heathkit.

Here's a few of the specs:

1.  Built with Raspberry Pi B+: a real computer available for less than 40 USD
2.  Bit-perfect reproduction of digital files which is fed to the digital analog converter (DAC) of your choice and price range
3.  Can handle high-res files
4.  Controlled by phone app, PC, tablet, or directly via the touchscreen
5.  Can easily be transformed into a portable device if you have one of those phone powerbank devices with a microUSB connector
6.  Handles all type of music files except possibly lossless Windows file
7.  Accesses and streams thousands of internet radio stations free of charge
8.  Can play Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora if you have a pay subscription
9.  A very robust forum where you can get and share info
10. This or another Raspberry Pi can be your server with the Squeezebox server software installed connected to a USB hard drive or thumb drive with your music on it.  If you use the same Raspberry Pi as a server and player, its a touchscreen boombox sort of thingie

Steve has worked in a particular way for a very long time, underpoinning all the music he creates.

Whatever we individually think about the metaphysics/spirituality/mumbo-jumbo, it is clearly important to him and he is not shy / ashamed of being open and honest about it.

AKAI AX60 - Ambient Chillout Music w/ Strymon Big Sky & Eventide Timefactor 【SYNTH DEMO】

AKAI AX60 analog synth demo. Playing ambient chillout music soundscape on vintage AKAI AX60 analog synthesizer. "Choral" reverb effects from Strymon Big Sky, delay effects from Eventide Timefactor pedals.



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Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Best DAW for Ambient Music 2015
« Last post by Ekstasis on November 23, 2015, 07:04:37 PM »
Lots of solid advice here Johnny Rocket,

If I were really into soft synths as you suggest you aspire to be I would serious consider the NKS system.  Native Instruments has a way of propelling everyone else into the future and their NKS platform may create a standard to come.

I think the VIP software that AKAI,Alesis and soon M-audio is is more flexible and better.
It works also on all vsts you do not need any spefici NKS format or such.
One good thing with NKS is though that you get "official" presets, while on with VIP
you will get presets made by the VIP developers. However they have said they have put a lot
of effort in to make the maps as good as possible for over 300 plugins they have done that manually.
If the plugin is not mapped it will auto assign parameters which will not be as good of course and can be rubbish in a lot of plugins
but atleast it does work compared to with NKS..

Well we see where the direction is going now.. deeper software integration..

Novation I wonder what they will have to offer... both NKS and VIP is totally new level of integration.
One alternative is that they will get an license to use VIP.. it is very possible...

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: Best DAW for Ambient Music 2015
« Last post by Ekstasis on November 23, 2015, 06:44:44 PM »
I use Reaper. It is fast and clean and no bullshit.
While the session view in ableton is good it is still little bit overrated since
You can do the same thing from midi and trigger samples that way.

One thing about making ambient with a DAW is that the actual DAW is off less importance since
this music does and should not rely so much on offline editing (besides this glitchy crap ambient)

Making ambient with your daw atleast for me
is more about setting up enough parameters with your midi devices to control your synths and plugins/daw in real time.
With your midi you can also control your daw. Once you know how your parameters react you can almost shut down your monitor
in ideal conditions. It is not easy to recrod and perform ambient live, but you need to realize that looping is probably the best way to do this, Robert Rich is a good example. only with 4 track looper you can do very interesting stuff and and because the loops does never meet each other in the same time the variation will be endless..especially if subtle changes are made.. biggest misstake when creating ambient is probably of doing to drastic and big changes.. when you put your headphones on laying in bed listening you realize it is all about the small changes in the soundscapes if you really sink in deep enough into the sound world.

The DAW can be a major distraction when creating trance inducing music, you want to be as far away from the "intellectual" state of mind as possible when you are floating with your soundscapes, being as far a way from your intellectual self will make you create deeper trance inducing  ambient and less superficial.

Anyway if you are trying to get away from getting stuck in your daw and want to do real time improvisation
I have not tried it myself but there is a program called VIP it is currently released on akai advance and Alesis VX series
This software is a fresh wind in the context of midi control.

If you think the Alesis synth look very similiar to M audio Code it is because it is because the same company own akai, m audio and alesis, that is why all 3 companies will use VIP software in future.

Using VIP you can record music with all your soft synths and midi keyboards and surfaces without any daw at all.
in fact.. you can split up your keyboard so certain zones play lets say the plugin omnisphere zone 2 will play Native instruments Monark.
You can use mutple plugins for the same zone/keys too. Only your cpu sets the limit..(Broadwell-E with 10 cores is released 2016 Q2)
Of course all this can be done in DAW already but look on you tube the whole work flow is very simplified.

You can control the plugins completely from your midi synth display which is kind of slow (unsure if it is possible to connect your ipad or such to get bigger touch surface for the display it would be the ideal)

The Alesis VX49 is pretty much a m-audio code but with Alesis logo plus VIP software.

I am not saying that VIP is the prefect thing but it is certainly a fresh wind into the midi market and considering most people use software these days this is really important. If you want to see how it works just use youtube.

I would most likely buy the ALesis synth if it wasn't for the fact that M-audio have promised a more high end series which will also include VIP software in about 2 months, considering how good the M audio Code is it is simply worth waiting for, hopfully they will not make me wait 2 years like behringer did with their "motör" with its motorized faders  which never seem see the light of day...


I do not agree with Deepr, I have always thought the cd deceptions are very good and inspiring I can understand some people think they sound very pretentious, but I think the words in the descriptions describe the metaphysical words very good.

So yes in steve's case I think the descriptions are justified.
I think they are mostly written by his wife, but I am unsure of this.

What is worse is when labels try to write descriptions they are usually
written in a way so to make it more easy to sell.
Also if you ad a beautiful and epic photography which make you think the music
is just as big and epic I am very tired against, they try too much into making it like a "product package"

With description like and professional photography and packaging you can make an non professional music release look professional.
I see this too much..

What is worse is these labels who release audio visuals on youtube to promote a certain album.
With visuals it can bring the illusion that the music have more content that what can be heard on its is just a simple trick to fool the brain.
I have experienced this many times where I thought a track was very good on youtube with the visuals but dead and boring with the album.

Yes so when doing artworks I think you should think it thru.. too many use a "professional" photography which does not reflect the music at all, it is just made there so it looks good in the catalog and make it more sellable, cause believe or not if you have two cds one with a beautiful photography and one with a low profile photo which does not give much hints of the content you will choose the first one.. we are kind of superficial in this way..

On the other hand it would be boring if all cd covers was just black or white nothing at all.. but a good artwork should atleast be done in away
that it reflect the music which is not easy of course.
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