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Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: New track: Castleview - Shine
« Last post by Castleview on July 06, 2016, 06:52:20 PM »
Thanks! That's an interesting suggestion. I'm going to play around with it more before I finish the album and mess around with different mixes. I feel like I'm on to something but I just need to refine the compositions a little further.

The last couple of times I've tried making an album like this, I ended up failing to produce something noteworth and instead, went on to something else. This has been going a lot better so far.
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: New track: Castleview - Shine
« Last post by ffcal on July 06, 2016, 03:34:06 PM »
One suggestion.  I would try to move the echoing pulse drone a little further back in the mix and maybe bring that slower moving "melody" towards the front of the mix a little more.  It might add a more contrast between the back and front of your mix.  Maybe a bit more chorusing to bring warm mids in or maybe a delay pan to break the sound field up a bit.

Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« Last post by LNerell on July 06, 2016, 03:30:40 PM »
Not sure why but I can never get youtube videos to show on this forum. Any way here is a link to a video of my concert from a few weeks ago:
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: Loren Nerell news
« Last post by LNerell on July 06, 2016, 03:28:56 PM »
Here's a link to a video of the drone music concert I did a few weeks ago:

I like listening to both long and short ambient pieces.  But for longer pieces, I want them to morph over time.  Otherwise, they might work better as short pieces.  I find that shorter pieces work better as a part of larger group of pieces that have a variety of textures, like Eno's Music For Films.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Michael Stearns & Kit Watkins....?
« Last post by ffcal on July 06, 2016, 02:35:24 PM »
Some of Kit Watkins' releases have been appearing in digital form on CD Baby on the last year or so, including two newer releases--an EP called "Land" and a soundscape album called "Mockingbird Mantras":

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Michael Stearns & Kit Watkins....?
« Last post by LNerell on July 06, 2016, 10:21:07 AM »
From my understanding Michael spends most of his creative time doing sound for amusement parks and the occasional movie. I also heard he was going to perform in Tucson last February, but I don't know what came of that. I think I saw some photos of him on Facebook of late, it looked like he was traveling.
Music Gearheads Tech Talk / Re: The Modular Synthesizer Thread
« Last post by Julio Di Benedetto on July 04, 2016, 09:05:29 PM »
A new module added to my system...Iron Ether Pithoprakta, a probabilistic rhythm generator.  Basically a very random gate sequencer

FYI....Iron Ether is primarily a guitar pedal manufacturer out of Lafayette Louisiana with just this one astonishing eurorack module 

Thank you for a great review...
Thanks you Richard:)

Darren Rogers "Interstellar Love" CDr

This is my first contact with Darren Rogers' ambience, although he belongs to quite experienced soundscapers, to my knowledge he started his recording career during the second half of the 90's with the album "The Infinity Search". But it was "The Alternate Realms" CDr released on Hypnos Secret Sounds in 2007 that has brought more recognition to Darren Rogers' sonic journeys. This Texan artist is also known for his collaborations with Rigel Orionis' Jim Brenholts under the moniker Orion's Belt (Jim sadly passed away in 2009). Self-releasing through his own label Imagineer Records, "Interstellar Love" CDr is out since March 2016, packaged in a glossy 4-panel disc eco wallet and it's based on searching for the signs among the stars, for the love and true soulmate for eternity.

10-minute title track "Interstellar Love" ignites the odyssey with distant drone hums counterpointed with rather weirdly processed voices by Darren Rogers' wife Lynda. Expansive drifts sneak in as well, but during the 4th minute the journey is stolen by monstrously spacious drones, where panoramic warmness is masterfully spiced by permeating cyber-tech tides. Then smoothly transmuting into evocative stringed poignancy merged with arising, new age-driven dreamscapes. A very nice opening!!! "Wavering" is announced by gorgeously embracing duduk traceries coalesced with soothingly sweeping ethereal realms. As always, I am absolutely fascinated by this Armenian flute, which is, unfortunately, still quite rare within ambient soundsculpting (maybe except Paul Casper of Frore). Clandestinely emerging tribal patterns guard on the background of this immersing composition along with some phantasmal enhancements. But another chameleonic transition follows and the piece completely shifts into unfathomable depths of celestial nothingness perpetually propelled by choir-infused washes. Again rather mellow than perplexing. The next composition, "Carefree Dreams", as displayed by its title, safely glides and meanders through monumentally sublime zones, meticulously reinforced by orchestral vistas and intangibly tinkling ephemerons. Gracefully enrapturing!!! "Passion", with 10-plus minutes the longest piece on the album, delves deeply into magnificently oracular terrains, leaded by immense washes, capricious cybernetic signals and towering transcendental helixes, which over the course awake outlying tribal beats with oscillating and waving sharper tapestries and continuously metamorphose from euphorically animated scenario into divinely evanescing blankets. "Angelic Bells", with 2:45 the shortest piece on "Interstellar Love", keeps dwelling on peaceful paths, where seraphic choirs are conjugated by contemplative chimes. "The Love Inside" fastidiously merges and alternates celestial emptiness, stringed happiness, hissy reflections, cyber-biotic glimpses and sampled vocal serenity by, I believe, Francesca Genco, who is an esteemed voice maven (remember her intensely evocative vocals from Chad Kettering's "Pathways" masterwork?). A true sonic ambrosia awaits here!!! "Looking For The Stars" dives into undulating vintage influenced space domains, bonding jaw-dropping ethereal grandness with spiraling consonances, while titillating transient fragments are thrown in when fading away. A very suitable conclusion!!!

Over 51 minutes long "Interstellar Love" certainly belongs lately to the most accomplished deep space voyages with a rich potpourri of unpredictable transmutations, although to my abysmally tenebrous drone taste rather more romantic flavored than enigmatic, but that's quite obvious due to envisioned theme. However, you can be really proud of this album, Darren!!! I am also sending your way additional kudos for not abandoning the physical format with "Interstellar Love", please, keep on going!!! And by the way, most recently Darren Rogers has started an online Imagineer radio show promoting ambient/new age endeavours.

Richard Gürtler (Jul 03, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)
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