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Good news, I definitely stay tuned for "A Tide Pool Of Memories" CD, Julio!!! All the best!!!

Richard  :)
Hi drone on,

Yes it is but there has been a technical set back.  The original master was damaged so I contacted Taylor Deupree who engineered it and he was leaving for a tour of Japan so no time to rebuild the DDP files.  Lucky he still had the project achieved after almost 4 years.  So the forecasted november window is closed.

I will post once its in production but I dont imagine I will have it in my hands before January.

Thanks for your interest!
Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: High resolution music files - hype or not?
« Last post by Seren on November 26, 2015, 01:27:23 AM »
"Anyone know why producers are ruining recorded music?"

Because, unfortunately, it sells.....

perhaps a better question - Anyone know why people want to buy ruined recorded music?

Computers, Internet and Technology / Windows 10
« Last post by on November 25, 2015, 01:01:44 PM »
Although my main PC is still Win 7, I have upgraded several PCs to Windows 10, all free of charge.


1.  Installation went well on all except one PC had a hard drive or hard drive partition that was not compatible.  That one stayed at Win 7.
2.  Upgrading with applications in place was wonky in at least one case.  I just reset the Win 10 installation and reinstalled my apps.
3.  The OS itself seems to be a hybrid of Win 7 and Win 8.  Much less of the unintuitive stuff that makes Win 8 hard at first.
4.  Windows 10 recently did a complete reinstall with a new version with a few new features.
5.  I have only found a couple of apps to be incompatible: WinAmp is one.
6.  Updates are loaded via a torrent-like process
7.  There is a voice-assistant which I don't use
8.  There are now virtual desktops built in
9.  The new Edge browser is super fast but doesn't support addons or extensions which makes it much less useful to me than Chrome or Firefox
10. Win 10 will run on almost any hardware going back 5-7 years or more.

I built a Nuc computer with an i7 processor, 16 gb of RAM and a M.2 boot drive.  That thing boots in 10 seconds to Windows 10.
Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: High resolution music files - hype or not?
« Last post by on November 25, 2015, 12:49:52 PM »
I have been learning more about the "loudness war" in mastering music.

This seems much more of a degradation to music than MP3 vs CD vs high resolution.

Check this video:

and at least part of this one:

Anyone know why producers are ruining recorded music?

Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Home Music Server
« Last post by on November 25, 2015, 12:44:49 PM »
^^^ That looks pretty slick!

I bought a new place, and was having trouble with my Airplay dropping out; turns out it was conflicting with my other router.  So, I got one of these:

The sound is awesome, and it's on its own frequency, so networks are irrelevant.  The transmitter dongle acts as a sound card; I control itunes from my phone or ipad, just like with Airplay (but without drop-outs), and send the signal to a receiver dongle hooked to audio ins on my amp.  It even lets you transmit to multiple receivers, so you can stream music all over the house without the annoying lag of Bluetooth.  Highly recommend, especially for folks like me who can't solder like  ;-)

Looks good.  It's essentially a DAC that transmits by wireless to a receiver that connects to an amp or speakers.

1.  The cost is about the same as one of my touchscreen players
2.  No soldering is required for the player.  Just connect a few cables and ribbons, screw a few screws, and load some software from the internet onto a microSD card.  A 6 year old could do it easily.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Whatever happened to....?
« Last post by Poaalpina on November 25, 2015, 02:40:02 AM »
Hi drone on!

My friend communicated with Thom Brennan in 15.11.2012.

Hello Yuri,

 I have heard of KLEM, thank you for your interest.
 I have been working on a new album for a few years now... moving very slow. Im hoping I will be ready to release it the middle of next year. It will probably be more "ambient" than my last CD "Stories from the Forest", but Im still exploring ideas.

 Please sign up for my news letter. I only use it to announce new releases.
 Its located here....

 Best wishes to you !


My friend Yuri died last year. Still silence from Thom Brennan...
Independent Music Reviews / Re: My review of "Original Light" CD by Julio Di Benedetto
« Last post by drone on on November 25, 2015, 12:50:58 AM »
Is the Tide Pool CD still happening? 
Chris23, too bad they didn't have this before you bought 100 Ishq CDs!   ;)

I can see this appealing to ambient newbies.  Purchase the entire DiN catalog for half off is a great deal actually.  If you like/don't mind downloads.  If you've got a bunch of DiN CDs already, chances are you've bought what you liked and passed on the unappealing releases, so you don't want stuff you'd never listen to.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Whatever happened to....?
« Last post by drone on on November 25, 2015, 12:34:55 AM »
I think he said that 3 years ago, but if it's true then I'm a happy camper!   ;D
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