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Nobody likes a bighead ;D ;D :-X
First let me say that Steve Roach will always be one of my favorite artists in music. However, recently all that talk on his website, album descriptions etc., is starting to annoy me. It has annoyed me before, but it seems to be getting worse. It's so full of adjectives and hyperbole and it's not exactly modest either.

I understand that promotion is necessary and I appreciate the enthusiasm and effort that is put into these writings, but for "outsiders" these texts (which are copied by other sites) may actually be a big turn off. For a lot of people it may appear like a whole lot of new age bla bla.

Honestly, Steve, if you are reading this, I love your music, it means more to me than I can put into words, but when you or your associates talk about your music, I think a more humble and objective approach would serve your music better. Your music stands on its own. It doesn't need all those fancy words and descriptions.
I think it is quite a neat little feature. Artist can choose on how much discount. Fans still have the option just to buy only one release in the normal way, and artists as well as turning the feature on can also turn it off. It only applies to digital product.
As Bandcamp targets fans who have already purchased your items then I can see your point Julio, so unless artists advertise their discounts elswhere on the net, it probably isn't going to attract any new fans. However I still think its a neat feature, and no-one else is doing it. Incidently I turned the feature on, and offer 50% discount. :)
Good post Julio,

Speaking from the artist's perspective, I can see how it may be tempting to do this on Bandcamp, as everything is up there ready to go if you decide to do it. It won't cost anything extra and listeners may well decide to own an artist's full back catalogue if they want (or not !).  It would seem to me that the the discounted price is the significant factor.
I haven't used the option yet (as a fan), mainly for the reasons you noted. Even with a discount, it isn't cost effective if you already own your favorites from an artist's catalog.

Having said that, however, I think this would be a really neat option if I just discovered someone's work for the first time and wanted to splurge and acquire it all. I had an experience like this with sonmi451's music a couple of years ago: I heard two releases (Ruis & The Quiet EP) and then wanted the rest of his catalog.

So I'm glad the feature now exists on Bandcamp.

I think artists have the option to elect into it; it isn't forced on you.
I have received a few emails of Artist & labels making their entire catalog of music available for download on Bandcamp at discounted prices and Im sort of turned off by the whole thing.  This is not how I buy music.  If I had wanted the said entire catalog I would already have it at the normal price because I really like all the music.  Why would I want a release that I did not like because its 30% less and I get another 100+ releases of music, some of which I may already have as well as a ton that Im not interested in.  Seems to me this is hoarding mentality.  Are there some gems I have missed.....for sure, but this is not how I want to find them.  I come here to the Hypnos forum to read the "Now Playing" thread which is the best place to discover such hidden gems.

Disclaimer: Respect to those that feel differently to me as this is a good way to support artists and labels, its just not an approach I would take.

Hey, I should check to see if this is some automatic Bandcamp scheme and my music is also available en mass.....better not be!

Thanks you two. The feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.
Now Playing / Re: FILE://Access/Rip/Play
« Last post by on November 21, 2015, 06:01:30 AM »

Total Tracks: 293,748
Total Albums: 29,846
Total Artists: 46,794

NP: Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer - Twine
Your last release was excellent Cloud Hunter, as is this one. Like the concept also.

 Will download tonight. Cheers.
Computers, Internet and Technology / Re: Home Music Server
« Last post by on November 20, 2015, 05:48:36 PM »
Like others, I'm just using an enormous iTunes library assembled over many years.

I still listen to lots of CDs, but it's very convenient to have my big, organized library and many playlists available all over the house.

Squeezebox by Logitech is no longer made but many used pieces can be found on Ebay that work perfectly well.

A pretty good alternative is to make DIY Squeezebox players from a Raspberry Pi board, Wifi dongle, microSD card, micro-USB power supply and (most importantly) the DAC of your choice and price range.  Squeezebox software was donated to the community by Logitech when it closed down making units and it's still being improved.  Each unit without DAC will cost about $100 bucks but you add the DAC of your choice and either amplified speakers or plug it into your amplifier.

Squeezebox server software is c/w Mac, PC, and Linux and runs well with iTunes.

It is compatible with hi-res music files.

There is now Raspberry Pi LCD touch screen so my next player will have one of those.

Here's 3 of the 6 or so players I built:

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