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Everything and Nothing / Re: Spotify and 'fake' ambient artists ?
« Last post by Castleview on August 23, 2017, 07:06:06 PM »
It's not good but I don't think it can kill the service. For a service this big, this is a fairly small issue and doesn't affect that many people. As long as people can find their favorite music there, they'll still use it.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by Castleview on August 23, 2017, 10:01:10 AM »
No problem  :)

That previously unreleased version of Ruh is much better than the original IMO.

A special mix to celebrate A special mix to celebrate 17 years of Psychonavigation Records

Tracklisting :

01. Roger Doyle - Chalant (Part 6)
02. Bruno Bavota - The Boy & The Whale
03. New Composers - Lovestory
04. Buckminster Fuzeboard - 3am Bedtime
05. Enrico Coniglio - The Girl From Murania
06. Matthew Devereux - I Love You Like A Robot
07. Matthew Devereux - Mobile Home 75
08. Buckminster Fuzeboard - 1 2 Kick Turn
09. Lorenzo Montanà - Byblis OT
10. Roger Doyle - It's Very Serious
11. anodyne - Corrosion (Corporation Street Remix by Autechre)
12. Maschine - Cordmash
13. Silent Q - Choughm
14. Mr. Projectile - Gonna Make You Sweat
15. ThinkToy - Intro
16. Sean Quinn - Imbrium
17. No Mask Effect - Nothing Out There
18. Ciaran Byrne - Ode To Able Sail
19. Sense - Nonlineareally

Thank you to all the artists for your beautiful music and to everyone who supported the record label over the past 17 years. We love you!!

Mixed by Keith Downey @ Psychonavigation HQ
Psychonavigation Records 2000 - 2017
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by chris23 on August 22, 2017, 07:05:40 PM »
Good find, Anthony. Thanks for the head's up.

Recent spins: Dronescapes from the El Culto summer sale. (Thanks for the nudge, Castleview):

Wintersilence - Slow Focus

Klaus Wiese - Divine Orbit

Klaus Wiese - Ruh


Each year we celebrate this season with a special Summer Deal. This year we are pleased to offer you two very deep new Ambient releases for a special price.

The Summer Deal is available ONLY between 21. - 27. August

:: it includes the new CD "Submental Vol. 4" by Tomas Weiss
:: it includes the previously unreleased album "Eclipse" by Klaus Wiese. His first extended-length album ever, with nearly 2 hours play time.
:: it includes a personal Bandcamp discount-code (30% off) redeemable until 27. August. The code is valid for ALL releases on el-culto.bandcamp and klauswiese.bandcamp
:: only 12 Euro each for many selected CDs - Limited quantities only!
:: 30% discount for ALL other CDs on el culto

More info:

I'm happy to announce the pre-order has started for my new album "From the Darker Seasons".  It's available on Amazon and iTunes for pre-order, but I've been sending people to Bandcamp, since i control the price there.  And from now until September 22 (the release date for the album), you can get the CD for $7, and the digital download for $5.  All the details are here:

and if you want to see a video of one of the "melodic" tracks on the cd, here's one i made and put on youtube:

.... an "ambient drift" video will be put up soon.... :)
Independent Music Reviews / My review of "Albion" CD by Juta Takahashi
« Last post by richardgurtler on August 22, 2017, 03:33:02 AM »

Juta Takahashi "Albion" CD

Japanese drone ambient Maestro Jutaro "Juta" Takahashi was quite silent since his last album "Transcendence" released back in September 2013. If I am right, in the meantime he has only re-issued his older album "The Door Into Winter" in March 2015 on a glass mastered format (original CDr edition was released in 2007). Now he makes big return with a brand new studio work published at the end of April 2017 on his own Lunisolar Records. The album was recorded from December 2016 to February 2017. As usual for all releases of Juta Takahashi, the CD comes in a standard jewel case with a transparent tray featuring some stunning visuals provided by artists mostly based at DeviantArt community. "Albion", dedicated to the majestic landscapes of the Great Britain, is no exception as it is graced by immersing "Serenity" crepuscular splendor captured by Simon Evans, an amateur photographer with current residence in New Zealand.

Nearly 14-minute long opening piece "Silver Waves" straightly sets gracefully meandering dronescaping images carved by Juta Takahashi's masterful utilizing of his analog synths. Waving introspective layers are persistently permeated by climaxing high-pitched vistas, which already belong to distinguishable earmarks by this respected Japanese ambient drifter. If I remember well, I am strongly fascinated by these engrossing dissonant curtains since "Angel" track from the same titled CD album released five years ago. Indeed a very strong opening! "Frozen Day", only slightly shorter that its predecessor, delves deeply into stunningly foggy monochromatic sceneries, exquisitely reinforced by titillating piano glimpses. It's amazing how the frosted drone desolations with auxiliary perplexing spirals are softened by warmly embracing piano reflections. What a masterpiece, bravo, Juta!!! "Shining Valley", clocking to 15 minutes, quickly returns into euphoniously expansive panoramas, precisely amalgamating gliding flatlined sheets with ear-tickling cascading and soaring evocative meridians. Utterly magnificent soundscape authentically mirrored by its title! The next piece "Maeve" immediately transports the listener into the gorgeously tranquil garden of blossoming heartwarming piano motifs meticulously coalesced with harmoniously quiescent and sweepingly yearning horizons. As described by the author, this is waltz for Maeve, a composition dedicated to Lee Anthony Norris' beautiful daughter. A truly moving, emotionally profound, almost tearful piece of music! The closing track "Summits", with 16 and a half minutes the longest one on "Albion", floats with all its imposing grace and panoptic serenity, where spaciously contemplative drones perpetually commingle with gossamery delicate traceries, nuanced cinematic quietudes and benignly disruptive streams. Another sonic ambrosia!

Although Juta Takahashi has taken longer hiatus before releasing 73-minute "Albion" as his 11th album, a splendidly accomplished recording like this is always worth the wait! Without question, because "Albion" certainly rates as one of his magnum opuses, once again, bravo, Juta!!! And last but not least, Juta Takahashi's three CDr albums released during 2007-2008, "Across The Flow", "Remembrance" and "Moonlit Flowers" still remain unreleased as a glass mastered CDs, so I really hope he will take this into consideration, because his entire discography deserves to be completed, remastered and reissued on a CD format. Dive deeply into an awe-inspiring aural oasis of Juta Takahashi, intensely rewarding listening experience constantly awaits!!!

Richard Gürtler (Aug 21, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by APK on August 21, 2017, 06:30:13 PM »
Murkok :: Solaris

Short, but a beauty.
And just a dollar.
'Lowna' free track from the 'Sylvi' album sessions. Download here (wav file):

Album now up on the streaming sites.
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Recent music purchases
« Last post by rowe123456 on August 18, 2017, 12:49:30 PM »
Hey everyone! I just released my first ambient EP on Bandcamp and would love it if you took a listen. The last song is inspired by Tolkien lore... soooooo you should check it out!

This link is to the LOTR song, but you can get to the rest of the EP from here.
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