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Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Signal Thrice Variations
« Last post by diatonis on July 21, 2017, 07:06:55 PM »
Signal (variation 1) Video

Signal (variation 2) Video

Signal (variation 3) Video

Here's an excerpt of the video of Zanov's concert at SynthFest 2017

Enjoy & do consider pre-ordering the aformentioned DVD containing the full concert.
Independent Music Reviews / Re: New Ambient/Experimental Music Blog
« Last post by cvac on July 19, 2017, 11:15:46 AM »
Today's featured album is The Voyage by Y.G. Hanedan.
Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Now Reading, pt 2
« Last post by CausticReverie on July 19, 2017, 02:54:46 AM »
I'm partway through a horror anthology called Lost Signals that has an overarching theme about mysterious radio transmissions. Several of the authors have given me Laird Barron vibes.

Nightskies "Between Darkness And Twilight / Zero Seconds" CDr

Nightskies is a relatively new project by Italian droneforger Arnaldo Tarsetti, who is rather known under the moniker Nightwind, where he utilizes his electric guitar, synth guitar and various effects. With Nightskies Arnaldo Tarsetti keeps safely on the dronescaping path, but this time delving deeper into electronic driven soundworlds. Based in Pollenza, the province of Macerata, Arnaldo Tarsetti is not only a highly crafted soundcarver, he has also a great eye for photography composition. You certainly might want to check out except his recordings also his strikingly gorgeous color or black & white photographs. So it's quite obvious "Between Darkness And Twilight / Zero Seconds" CDr comes with really catchy 4-page ribbed cardboard packaging featuring stunning cover photo taken by the artist himself. Recorded during January and February 2016 as a two separate albums, "Between Darkness And Twilight" with 7 tracks and 4-piece EP "Zero Seconds", it was released at the end of November 2016 in a limited edition of 30 copies on sympathetically supportive Italian microlabel BeTon run by kindred soul Antonio Benini. Kudos to both of you, Toni and Arnaldo, you have done a such wonderful work with this hidden jewel!!!

With all 11 compositions clocking between 6:18 and 7:11, the album is ignited by "Inconsistent Cosmic Matter" and the listener is immediately invited to enter thrillingly solitary realms, masterfully driven by monochromously engrossing drone stratums deliberately imbued by warmly graceful meridians, riding effortlessly above, while intangibly cinematic vistas percolate here and there. Wow, an utterly jaw-dropping listening spectacle is fully unfolded in absolute equilibrium with its title! So when a track entitled as "In The Darkness And The Frozen Solitude" invades my listening room, I am instantly diving into absolutely fascinating unfathomable depths carved by intensely humming monoliths persistently permeated by eerily surrounding, at times high-pitched calls. Subsidiary rumbling echoes emerge occasionally too. Bizarre oscillations insistently commingle with immensely desolate drifts, so no wonder this sonic spectacle is displayed as "Twisted In The Void". Intriguingly enigmatic "Delicate Vital Rhythm" reveals with flatlined drone, while impalpably nebulous machinery breaths are guarding above, while rising and ebbing balmier undercurrents sneak in. "Chaos And Turbolence" is maybe more relative, as the main gliding layer is deliberately amalgamated with subtly pulsing traceries and oracular fragments. Yet gradually expanding and voluminously engrossing. The gates to the transcendental Eden are unlocked... The title composition "Between Darkness And Twilight" only authenticates this, beyond the ordinary route. Spellbindingly immersing magmatic thickness is perpetually counterpointed with remotely sweeping cinematic glimpses. What a journey! "Silent Movements" shift the silence into absolutely staggering magnitudes, sonorously awe-inspiring and delightfully ear-blowing. Well, fairly except the unexpected outburst at the end that scares me to death with each new spin. "Zero Seconds" EP starts with the same titled piece, which glides into quieter static terrains, reinforced by massively nuanced plateaus with gossamery ephemeral filigrees throw in. "Chronon" is fueled by ambiguously hypogeal spirals, magnified by assorted glancing glimmers and tenebrous perplexes. A genuinely mind-blowing odyssey continues! "Metamorphosis" envelops the listener with gargantuan humming reverberations, which are meticulously softened by vaguely vibrating subterranean sheets, yet constantly perforated by frightening shrills. "Flow Motion" quickly augments into powerfully engulfing celestial immenseness, drifting, sinuating, crescendoing, enrapturing... Sheer monumental grace!!!

Frankly, 73--minute "Between Darkness And Twilight / Zero Seconds" is a breathtakingly phenomenal and profoundly focused, yet abundantly colored all-intensive drone recording, a top-notch collector's item, which needs to be explored and celebrated instantaneously and exhaustively! Welcome to the Drone Pantheon!!! And undeniably one of the biggest revelations for me as well! I will certainly keep an ear and eye on this gifted Italian drone maestro in the future. Bravo, Arnaldo Tarsetti, for this drone tour de force and keep on expanding your multi-talent!!! As far I am informed, copies of "Between Darkness And Twilight/Zero Seconds" are still available through Nightskies Bandcamp site or directly from BeTon label via Antonio Benini's Discogs account. And when focusing on further related drone sculptings, I strongly recommend also "Dronescapes" and "Dronescapes II" CD editions, each packaged in a window tin box with additional two circular booklets. These ones are out since January 2017 on another Italian label MariOrb. Arnaldo Tarsetti aka Nightskies offers a truly miraculous and infinitely magnificent listening experience, more please!!! And keep in mind, as mentioned already, there is also Nightwind...

Richard Gürtler (Jul 17, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Everything and Nothing / Re: Spotify and 'fake' ambient artists ?
« Last post by petekelly on July 16, 2017, 12:22:26 PM »
I'm currently on the Spotify 3 month (almost free) subscription, just to try it out for curiosities sake, really.
Being curious, I thought to see who was popular in the ambient world (on Spotify) and I found some artists I'd never heard of with millions of plays on some of the more 'sleep / relaxing' type playlists. Then I read this article.

Still don't really know what to make of Spotify (ethically), but it's nice to track down some interesting stuff. I don't think I would subscribe at a tenner a month though, I don't really listen to enough music to warrant that.

Be interesting to see how it holds up over time, specially in the light of recent rumours about Soundcloud.
Super creepy video and track! Nice work.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by chris23 on July 15, 2017, 07:16:33 AM »
I'm really enjoying some of the new Hic Sunt Leones releases:

Alio Die + Aglaia - Opera Magnetica
Slow moving loops and drones. Great for sleeping, meditating, reading, and spacing out. The physical CD has a repeat track on it by accident, which is unfortunate. The digital version corrects this error.

Alio Die - They grow layers of life within
This is great: More drone work, with some nice bells and other effects woven throughout. This has a clear Alio Die signature, but departs from some of the other Alio Die releases in important ways (new sounds rather than remixes of old samples).

Aglaia - Thumbnails in the setting sun
Sometimes when two Aglaia CDs are released at once, one feels more experimental than the other. This is the more experimental one.

Aglaia - Water inside the light
And this is the more 'traditional one' and my favorite of the pair.
Nice stuff. It's intuitively laid out and fun to play around with. 
Forum Member Projects News and Promotion / Re: WINDSONGS 2
« Last post by Seren on July 14, 2017, 12:55:49 PM »
Downloading this now for a better listen later 8)
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