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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that my second ambient solo album Structures of Light has been released! It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and more!

It is a meditative, immersive, atmospheric album and I hope you enjoy it. I am very excited to hear your impressions. At this moment I am also in the process of creating a limited edition physical CD release and will keep you up to date when it is available!




Mastered by Aaron Marshall
Artwork by Gary Tonge

Have a great weekend!

All the best,
Siddhartha Barnhoorn
The Underground Experts Norbert & John Playlist;

WavemansUnderground, together with Norbert 2+2. Friday 26th of may / guest 20.00 - 0.00 / 7pm - 11pm(UK) Join the chat for best info!
Dutch Only with some Drones 20.00

John: Von Haulshoven, Akikaze, Sjoerd W Bijleveld, Skoulaman, Cybe, Eagle, Arjen Schat, Free System Projekt, Martin Peters, Sjoerd W Bijleveld, Michel Banabila, Phrozenlight.

Norbert: Several tracks from Bohemian-Polyphony-Trebusin-(czech-rep) followed by Tabo Tago(live in Berlin UDK 15.7. 2015 ) a must for TD lovers!
Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Twin Peaks revisited
« Last post by APK on May 22, 2017, 07:33:03 PM »
Just saw the first episode.
Unique, twisted, and brilliant ...
as usual.

Sequentia Legenda "Extended" 2xCDr

Sequentia Legenda is a pseudonym of Berlin School connoisseur Laurent Schieber, who resides near Mulhouse, France. I already have been reviewing his debut, self-released CDr album "Blue Dream" from the end of 2014. In the meantime, about one year later, during November 2015, Sequentia Legenda's second official album "Amira" came out. In September 2016 the third album "Extended" was released by the artist himself, who is joined on this double set by a German drummer Tommy Betzler, whose name I have noticed for the first time on SynGate's release "Two", as a companion of Michael Brückner, but this experienced drummer is known also as a founding member of German Krautrock band P'Cock as well as for his guest performance on Klaus Schulze's bonus DVD from 2005 (part of the reissue of "Dig It" album on Revisited Records) on a track entitled "Linzer Stahlsinfonie", recorded during Ars Electronica 1980 in Linz, Austria. As indicated by its title, "Extended" double album reveals reshaped versions of some pieces from "Blue Dream" and "Amira" with Tommy Betzler's vital drum contributions on two tracks. The release comes in a catchy 6-panel glossy digipak featuring additional 8-page booklet with extensive liner notes to each composition. The design of this booklet is superb, it precisely displays invigoratingly transporting aural odyssey. Mastering credits goes to Chris Dion from Quantum Music.

The first disc unfolds with soothingly emerging, 28 and a half minutes long "The Approach", announced by a distant wind and seashore harmonies, which soon metamorphose into panoptic washes, celestially expansive, with clandestinely permeating sequences. "The Approach", in its slightly shorter version, can be heard on "Blue Dream", but this time Tommy Betzler's diverse drum parts add a quite piquant fragrances to the overall mood of this strongly captivating piece, delightfully guarded by choir-driven cushions. The next piece, 20-minute "Into The Sequence" is, I believe, a brand new composition, which exhibits Laurent Schieber's virtuosity in spaciously immense soundsculpting, masterfully merging colossally monochromatic drifts with gossamery mesmerizing glimmers and continually ascending melodic laid-back vignettes. And serenely progressing through brisker elevations, luminously charged and enchantingly enveloping. Another very strong track! "Somewhere", clocking over 23-minute mark, is an extended version of the closing composition on "Amira" album. The base is quite similar to previous pieces, when more flatlined ethereal blankets are persistently counterpointed by elusively helixing and outbursting high-tech traceries, this time reinforced by intangibly arising drum subtleties by Tommy Betzler. Then again shifting through more animated passages and then subsequently dissolving through closing tranquil terrains.

The second part consists of 3 tracks as well, all hanging between 22 and 25 minutes. "Vibrations" fires up the spectacle with its extended version. As far I remember, shorter edition of this composition was my fave piece on "Blue Dream" album. Persistently shimmering ear-tickling sequences exquisitely commingle with sublimely sweeping horizons and remotely percolating and oscillating cybernetic glimpses. Although without any significant modifications when comparing to the original version, it's still a truly triumphant piece paying monumental tribute to Berlin School legends. Bravo, Laurent!!! "Solitudes Lunaires" merges gracefully panoramic and introspectively nuanced choir-like drones with diaphanously pulsing and hypnotically synthetic tapestries, perpetually galloping, while gently swirling titillating chinks hanging in the distance emerge here and there. Gliding occasionally through ephemerally crescendoing cinematic vistas and transiently accelerating transitions. The final track "Au Revoir" was originally released at the end of June, 2015 in shorter version, although it glanced briefly already on "Blue Dream" album, now it's resurrected and stretched to 22 minutes. Drifting heavenly choirs constantly juxtapose with insistent sequencer arrangements, some remain subtle, while others quietly sneak and steal the center stage with its stirringly unwrapped mid-paced intensity. "Au Revoir" is Sequentia Legenda's aural rendezvous with all those deeply missed. A very strong conclusion indeed!!!

"Extended" double album, covering over 143 minutes, is another enormously strong sonic installment by Sequentia Legenda, who constantly focuses his artistic creativity and passion on the Berlin School movement. Hats off to Laurent Schieber and also to Tommy Betzler for his guest performance!!! Sure, as already mentioned in my previous review of "Blue Dream", I will always crave for more drifting poignancy or for rather shorter, more diverse sequencer- and emotion-propelled endeavors, but that's just a question of my taste. Otherwise, Sequentia Legenda really excels in this particular style of radiantly immersing space electronica. And keep in mind, a new album "Ethereal" as well as few collaborative projects are in the works.

Richard Gürtler (May 21, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by richardgurtler on May 22, 2017, 01:35:01 PM »
Thanks for your inspiration Andy :

I just bought "Winter Calm" by Jeff Pearce. My first album that I listen from him, it is simply wonderful.
While listening I have read a blog on his website where he talks about his experience at Ambicon 2013.

Jeff's complete discography is an ultimate must-have!!! Just play "No Matter How Far" from "With Evening Above" and I bet you you will get goosebumps on your arms just like me. What a virtuosity!!! Actually, there is also a video on YouTube with this track (its shorter version) along with "Snowfall", taken during 2015 ZoneMusicReporter Award Show. These are some of the most powerful soundscapes I have ever heard in my life!!! And of course Jeff's comments are additional bonus.

Enjoy!!! :)

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by stargazer on May 22, 2017, 11:01:49 AM »
Thanks for your inspiration Andy :

I just bought "Winter Calm" by Jeff Pearce. My first album that I listen from him, it is simply wonderful.
While listening I have read a blog on his website where he talks about his experience at Ambicon 2013.
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by Seren on May 22, 2017, 12:31:57 AM »

Jeff Pearce - Vestiges. Not listened to this album for a long time - was good to hear it again.
Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Twin Peaks revisited
« Last post by Scott M2 on May 21, 2017, 10:43:34 PM »
Lynch & Frost are still keepin' it WTF!    :o   8)
Art and Literature, Movies and TV / Re: Twin Peaks revisited
« Last post by chris23 on May 21, 2017, 02:09:33 PM »
Tonight is the night. Anyone else going to be eating cherry pie, sipping some damn hot coffee, and watching this piece of history?
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by chris23 on May 20, 2017, 07:39:36 AM »
I'm also listening to the new Max Corbacho release. It is wonderful. Isn't this the album that was supposed to be released by Hypnos?

Anthony: I checked out that Pachero release and loved it. Great find. I couldn't find anything of note about Pachero on Discogs; I haven't heard of him before.
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