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mgriffin, Mathias sent you a private massege via Facebook. Please read it there.
Hypnos News and Announcements / Re: Hypnos releases for 2015 ?
« Last post by drone on on November 09, 2015, 09:47:41 PM »
Are the Oophoi and Corbacho discs still coming out on Hypnos?
You're right.  Well I must have seen it somewhere, guess that wasn't it.
I found the statement where Mathias says he no longer works with Tomas or El Culto but nothing specific about Klaus Wiese.
drone on, can you post a link to that statement by Mathias Grassow? I'm not finding that on his web site.

Yes, Mathias Grassow, who was involved with the El Culto website, has a statement about this on his website.  He states there is no permission (for anyone) to release Klaus Wiese material, especially in re-mixed/remastered form, and the Indian label owner is a made up person (which if true is pretty uncool). I heard El Culto re-released Grassow's Himavat album without Grassow's permission, which would be pretty uncool if it happened to any artist. 

But again I wasn't there and can't make a judgment without any proof.  I haven't seen or read any of Thomas Weiss' statements or response to this topic.  Don't really care to, to be honest.   

Personally I think the subject should be laid to rest and everyone move on and just enjoy the music.  Life is too short.   
Thanks guys...

@antdude, you might actually recognize some elements from the galaxy/system map audio for which I used a similar setup : )
Does anyone else know anything at all about this situation?  I encourage other Hypnos Forum members to chime in with any information they have, either way.
It is indeed odd that there seems to be no contact info available for this "Sanjay Nadeem".
I was away from home for the past several days and didn't see this until now.

Ekstasis, you need to offer some proof if you're suggesting that another forum member is doing something illegal. It's not enough to make a serious accusation and assume that it stands on its own.
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