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Amazing.....not until the end did I understand that I had journeyed this "world" you have created.  I do hope you put the live performance and this video together in some shape or form.

Wish it had not ended so soon.
Remco Helbers is a highly recommended artist!!! If you are located within Haarlem, The Netherlands during January 2017, definitely don't miss his performance!!! Few months ago I have reviewed his epic "On Some Road" CD released back in 2002,  which unfortunately still remains criminally unexposed. Here is the link for digital version of "On Some Road", but if you prefer physical copy like me, don't hesitate to contact Remco.

And here is his newest digital album "Watermusic" released two months ago. I really hope this one will end up on CD format one day.

Enjoy!!! :)


Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by chris23 on November 16, 2016, 07:30:47 PM »
Loscil - Monument Builders
Too much trumpet. (Or trumpet-like sounds.) But some of the tracks are amazing, including the first, which is now one of my all-time favorites from him.
Hey guys,

I just finished a video of an edit version of a new song. I've spend the last 10 months or so rendering a 45 minute video for an upcoming concert in januari; the video will be used as a projection during the concert. I've made this video as a teaser/promo for the concert. Enjoy!

Here is the link for the concert:

new great (CD and Vinyl) album by Ian Boddy:
'As Above So Below' DiN51:

Bandcamp page:

soundcloud page:

Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
« Last post by Julio Di Benedetto on November 14, 2016, 07:20:32 PM »
Been listening to NIN and came across this.....possibly more powerful than the original

Walter Christian Rothe – Let the night last forever
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 1985/2016

Belgian composer Walter Christian Rothe lived in the heart of the city of Brussels when he composed his classic album ‘Let the night last forever”. Comprising of nine parts it tells the story of his love for the night in the city especially the loneliness of the early hours. Today the music is as compelling as it was thirty years ago thrusting the listener on a mood roller coaster. The album kicks off dramatically with “Intro+Dawnfall” followed by the beautiful reflective sound painting of “The Next Leaf” both favourites of mine echoing Vangelis.
The mood changes with the high energy “Tea-dance” and “Sahara” (used in the Belgian film C4) leading into the enigmatic “Death”. “Radio” picks up the pace again with some great percussive and melodic elements followed by “Verena”, a lush sounding romantic exploration. “Hymne” creates a new atmosphere with traditional influences accentuated with sparse and dramatic sounding tympani crashes setting the mood for the album title track finale. The final title “Let the night last forever's” dramatic intro and melodic qualities brings the journey full circle. The magic blend of sounds and compositions offer many surprises for a remarkable album.
This first CD album reissue is expanded with two bonus pieces: “KLEM Track” (from the 1986 KLEM Jubilee MC) and the lovely mini-symphony “El Tiempo” (from the 1989 KLEM Jubilee CD).

Bert Strolenberg /
Independent Music Reviews / My review of "5 Textures" CD by Simon Lomax
« Last post by richardgurtler on November 14, 2016, 11:04:45 AM »

Simon Lomax "5 Textures" CD

Simon Lomax, in UK based guitar soundcarver is active since the end of the 90's, when he debuted under the pseudonym Maitreya with album "From The Mothership" (1999). On his own Council Of Nine label another two Maitreya releases followed, "Telluric Waves" (2003) and ".74" (2004). Then after longer break, lasting over 8 years, when mostly working as one of the main creators on co-developing the Music Skills System, a music teaching methodology, Simon Lomax again returned to composing and releasing his dronescaping muses through Council Of Nine. This time under his name, the year 2013 saw a CD album "Zone Of Cold", followed by "A Glimmer Of Memory" in 2014 on UK's ...txt label. The most recent album on glass mastered format is "5 Textures" on Council Of Nine, which is out, if I am right, since February 2015. Minimalistic elusive artwork, which is one of the earmarks of each album by Simon Lomax, masterfully displays the atmosphere. I must add that Simon Lomax is also involved in composing music for various TV shows and independent films. So when taking into account all above facts, I have no idea why it took me long time before I have explored this enormously gifted virtuoso. My radars simply didn't work properly in this case, shame on me!!! As far I remember, it was eTripper's review several months ago somewhere on Amazon (thanks, man!!!), which turned me into this composer and since then I am deeply fascinated by truly unique atmospheres Simon Lomax is able to forge with his processed guitar manipulations. "5 Textures" is undoubtedly the best example exhibiting all of his ingenious insignias!!!

"If There's Such A Thing As Nothing" unwraps in a truly jaw-dropping way when revealing with slowly emerging monochromatic, yet multi-dimensional desolations, thrillingly mindscaping, which are soon joined by exquisitely evocative meridians, harmoniously enrapturing and intriguingly ear-piercing. Heavy drone hums join this sonic splendor as well and guarantee a superb workout for your speakers. A pure 8 and a half minutes long aural bliss awaits here, certainly an Ambient Hall of Fame composition, bravo Simon!!! "Waiting For Sunrise" remains on utterly immersing path and incorporates some really captivating crepuscular patterns persistently illuminated by gently spiraling traceries and clandestinely glimpsing piano reflections. Flickering lyrical subtleties meticulously amalgamate with spellbinding hazy solitariness. What a beauty!!! "Sometimes I Disappear", with 9:35 the longest piece on "5 Textures", is announced by enigmatic high-pitched siren, which is soon invaded and counterpointed with euphoniously expansive horizons. Hissy tides inconspicuously sneak in and relentlessly commingle with engrossingly nuanced poignancy. This is another emotional powerhouse rewarding the listener's ear! "An Echo, Unseen" shifts into ambiguously ethereal domains, where ghost-like choirs perpetually coalesce with intensely mind-bending reverberations and intricately fragmented reminiscences. Obviously another phenomenal track in this set! "To Find Stillness In The Waiting" unfolds with interplay of nebulously piquant crescendos and diminuendos, embracing piano blankets and lachrymose bowed strings. A sonic equilibrium masterfully dusting off long forgotten memories. Well-done, Simon!!! Although entitled as "5 Textures", the journey continues with additional closing composition "3 Hours Of Night (The 6th Texture)", which delves into slightly rawer stringed terrains, although again virtuosically reinforced by intensified serenities.

Simon Lomax is for me one of the biggest revelations during the last few years and I am still asking myself how could I miss such creative genius for many years? Well, the more I am delighted now when exploring all these exceptional aural realms. "5 Textures" album is an absolute must-have for each connoisseur of sophisticatedly inventive guitar dronesculpting. The album clocks only over 41-minute mark and that's the only weak point here, because Simon Lomax stands safely shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the genre. That's how gifted is this guy, so don't make the same mistake I did!!! Except above mentioned 6 albums, don't hesitate to explore also digital only release "An Ember Glows", which documents live-to-air performance of Simon Lomax on legendary Star’s End Radio in November 22nd 2015 on WXPN in Philadelphia. And last but not least, a new recording is now in the works, so this time I will definitely keep an ear to the ground!!!

Richard Gürtler (Nov 13, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)
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« Last post by Seren on November 14, 2016, 02:00:45 AM »
bought Klaus Schulze's Irrlicht and Cyborg - the MIG reissues...partly for the extra music, partly for the covers but mainly because they were, astonishingly, in our local HMV - not had any KS there for many years (and I nearly paid out for Timewind and Mirage as well)

I've played snatches of the extra tracks - need to give them a proper listen sometime soon.

These have been 2 of my favourite albums since first hearing them (mid 70's) and I'm not sure whether I like the addition of the extra tracks, still trying to work out whether it disturbs the flow of the sounds in my mind. KDMs titling skills have always seemed a little off key as well - but I am wondering if this is just my preconceptions.

I may well be keeping both my new and older versions of these discs......
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