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[1] My review of "When The Earth Is Far Away" CD by Craig Padilla / Zero Ohms

[2] My review of "In White Rooms" CD by Casi Cada Minuto

[3] My review of "Gaze" CDr by Joxan Ruiz

[4] My review of "City Skies 2011" CDr by Tony Gerber & Paul Vnuk Jr.

[5] My review of "Quiet Rain" CD by Juta Takahashi

[6] My review of "Wisdom Of Fate" 2xCD by Mathias Grassow

[7] My review of "The Birth Of Tragedy" CDr by The Circular Ruins

[8] Drone On's review of "Tiefschlaf" CD by Sphare Sechs

[9] Wind and Wire Review: THIS MORTAL NIGHT (album title and artist)


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