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--- Quote from: Dave Michuda on July 12, 2013, 09:09:20 PM ---More Bandcamp purchases, with links...

36 - Shadow Play
infinite_coil - soar
Brian Green - Subtle Ripples
Marsen Jules Trio - Présence Acousmatique

--- End quote ---

i find that new 36 underwhelming so far, the typical 36 atmospheres and synths are sounding very thin here... while that Marsen Jules trio is quite good, very nice soundtrack-like atmospheres and vibes, perfect mastering..

there's way too much i've been playing as of late, just a few to mention here;

mathias grassow - calibration
mathias grassow - transpersonal
(very good Grassow material, has been playing this a lot over the last week)

bvdub - wolven [reworked]
2nd disc of Ian Hawgood's Wolven 2CD, just fantastic as always! didn't read much about it but it's simply great ecstatic stuff to me..

dj sprinkles - queerifications & ruins
(nice 2CD set of remixes of rather lush deephouse.. by mr. terre thaemlitz)

chronovalve - trace of light
(nice classic vocal based ambient, the enlightning atmospheres 'really' start to thicken with the 3rd track up till the last one..)

ornah-mental - excursions
(nice output from Carsten Agthe, solid ambient with good use of vocals and grooves through out)

alio die & zeit - a circular quest
(beautiful music for early summer mornings..)

aglaia - centurion
(up there with their best imo! refined diverse, colourful and vast atmospherics)

steve roach & elmar schulte - ritual ground
(still sounds so good till today)

rapoon - cidar
rapoon - recurring (dream circle)
(dusty bleak desert atmospheres as only Rapoon does...)

and more of course :-)


bvdub - born in tokyo (n5md)
bvdub & loscil - erebus (glacial movements)
ASC - time heals all (silent season)
duane pitre - bridges (important)
elaine radigue - adnos 1-3 (important)
harold budd - perhaps (root strata)
mathias grassow - tara
forrest fang - wolf at the ruins/migration (projekt)
taylor deupree & sakamoto - disappearence (12k)

I listened to the samples of 36 - Shadow Play. Some of the tracks are fantastic. But some of them seem oppressive and loud to me, starting with the first track.  I might hold off on this one (and I will probably regret it later when it goes OOP).

Stray Ghost - Those Who Know Darkness See The Light
A great release on the Time Released Sound label. A blend of modern classical and experimental minimalism.
Samples on Bandcamp:

Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica
This is a free Roger Martinez download on Bandcamp from A Strangely Isolated Place series. This is ambient music at its finest: soft chords, a slow evolution of textures and tones, and the sensation of drifting and floating.


Oophoi - An Aerial View

Oophoi - Athlit

Classic Gigi

Pleq/Spheruleus - Quietus Gradualis

Another swell release from the Time Released Sound imprint. This album contains two ~20 minute drone tracks, both of which are outstanding. There is some subtle Pleq-style glitch and crackle work in here, but the core loops are based on classical guitar and strings.

Samples here:

Julio Di Benedetto:
Robert Rich : Trances & Drones.  Hypnos   This music is new to me and most likely it is very familiar to most here so I wont go into it much other than to say what took me so long and what a pillar of ambient electronic music it is.  Kudos to Hypnos for releasing this in one of the finest packaging designs I can remember.  I sat with headphones reading the liner notes which brought me back to the days of listening to music with vinyl covers in hand.  Really insightful words from M.Griffin included in the notes.   



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