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--- Quote from: chris23 on January 22, 2014, 05:28:52 PM ---Margins - Fragile Existence
This is a late 2013 collaborative project between Dan Crossley (Facture/Fluid Audio) and Craig Tattersall (The Boats). Once again, this is an amazing product from Facture in which the packaging/art is as central to the release as the music. The music itself is decent, but not remarkable. It largely combines field recordings and tape loops to create a fractured but ambient atmosphere. The Crossley nature prints that accompany the release are absolutely beautiful, however, and are worth checking out on the Fluid Audio site regardless of how you feel about Tattersall.

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Saw this release pop up on the Fluid Audio list again, so I thought I'd give it a go.


Forrest: I hope you enjoy Fragile Existence. Musically, I think the last two tracks (Brook and Wood) are the highlights of the release. But the photos are what make the experience a true treat.

Recent spins:
Wintersilence - Submental Vol. 2
Excellent drone work with great depth from the El Culto label. This is encoded as one 55 minute track, but there are clearly discrete tracks on here that morph into one another in the smooth ways that I'm accustomed to in some of Tomas' work. I'm not exactly sure who Wintersilence is, but drone on suggested that Grassow is involved and Discogs corroborates that possibility.

Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos (Sleep Edition)
One of my favorite tracks of the year expanded into a 60 minute epic journey. Not an essential purchase if you have the proper Zeitlos album, but a beautiful, supplemental dessert nonetheless.

drone on:
Rhea--The True Color of Titan's Lakes.  Deep space stuff a la Phobos,Tau Ceti, Oophoi, etc.  Got this at Groove Unlimited website.

Nik Tyndall--Plejaden Suite, Trance Dance.  A couple of his early albums around the time of his Hearts of Space release called Lagoon.  Sort of melodic and new agey, but although still very nice atmospheric music.  My only criticism of his music is it sounds like all digital synths with preset sounds.

Bernd Kistenmacher--Totally Versmold.  This is basically live versions of his Thoughts album, which I didn't have so very worthwhile. 

Dave Michuda:
Optical Frameworks - Vibrant  -  more ambient & less musical than the other Optical Frameworks releases but still interesting.
cv313 - dimensional space  -  very typical Echospace music, good dubby beats & synth washes.

Elbow - The Take Off And Landing Of Everything  -  haven't really listened to this yet as I just pre-ordered it today but got the immediate download.  First time through sounds excellent.
St Vincent - St Vincent  -  Excellent!  But then I have a thing for Annie Clark.  ::)

Porya Hatami - Shallow
New release from the Tench label. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff: electro-acoustic looping and noodling with a mixture of field recordings, clicks, and pops. The sounds feel as if they are bubbling up to the surface. Joe R--this is a great followup to Land and quite similar in style. Porya also seems to have a lot of new releases lined up across the world, including new collaborations with Lee Anthony Norris on Carpe Sonum and ...txt.



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