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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Quote from: petekelly on November 30, 2014, 07:50:05 AM
Cheers !

Dean's Harmonium and my processing / production.

When the album was released, a japanese feller sent me a picture of him holding a copy of the CD(r) he had bought in a zen-type garden in Japan - I was touched.

That's pretty cool. You two did an excellent job on that album and I need to listen to more music for both of y'all.

drone on

Rapoon--A Long View Across.  This album sucks b***s.  Beware of Storeys indulgently weird, harsh and unlistenable flights of fancy. 



Loscil - Sea Island
Nothing unexpected or new here, but, in my opinion, this is Scott Morgan at the top of his game. It captures everything that I have loved about the Loscil sound since the early days. This might be my favorite Loscil release, but time will tell. The second track, In Threes, is particularly awesome.

Joe R

Chris- thanks for your input on the new Loscil release. I may just have to buy it, even though I have several.

Just listened to The Boats- The Ballad Of The Eagle- for me, this is The Boats best album. The middle tracks of the album are palpably sad, very diffuse, with many random sounds that come and go in a slow wave. But there are a few tracks that are quite upbeat, and a welcome break from the overall melancholy mood. Lots of Danny Norbury's cello in here. A fantastic album.


Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, & Panaiotis - Deep Listening

A classic ambient album.


Here's a new ambient genre for you  ;)

Forest ambient ..........

Nemo and Jaymon - Forestscapes 3 atmospheric ambient tracks from deep in the dense woodland ........and track2 - The Remembering Forest (Late summer melancholy ), which is reminiscent of FAX , Namlook/Moufang colabs. Great album which grows with every listen.

Bandcamp -

drone on

Actually the ambient dub label Silent Season has had a strong forest theme in their releases.


Joe, that The Boats release seems to be majorly OOP. So, if you want to mail it to me for safe keeping, I'll understand.

Recent stuff:

Christopher Sisk - The Water in the Wind
I really like this. Generative ambient samples and loops that drift across one another like clouds. Great for reading and sleeping. Digital only.

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle
A nice homage to Reyes. Subtle tribal ambiance with a strong spiritual vibe.

thirdsystem: streaming Forestscapes now. Seems interesting.


That Silent Season label looks very interesting. Beautiful album covers and checking out ASC - Truth be Told, sounds very interesting indeed. Thanks for mentioning.

Also listening to Christopher Sisk, very nice indeed.

Been meaning to check out The Ancestor Circle so will do so forthwith. I purchased Steve Roach - Quiet Music last week and been playing it constantly. Beautiful stuff !!

Joe R

Quote from: chris23 on December 07, 2014, 08:48:39 AM
Joe, that The Boats release seems to be majorly OOP. So, if you want to mail it to me for safe keeping, I'll understand

Heh ;D... yeah, I was lucky enough to snag a copy when it first came out, and it was out of print pretty quickly. Hopefully, they'll re-release this someday.


Aidan Baker & Matt Borghi- Undercurrents- deep, mysterious, ghostly and diffuse. A blast from the past, and I forgot how great this is. Murky drones created from processed reverb-drenched guitar, with lonely piano notes that meander through the fog.


Mathias Grassow - Bloodmoon

One of his many great albums.



William Spivey and Christopher Alvarado - Mirage of Flames



hakobune - The Cowboy Across the River

Really like the bright, organic drones on this one.


First listen to my newly arrived ...txt CD -

Ishqamatics - Waterbound

This is an amazing piece of work. Two CDs of wonderful, liquid, flowing ambient beauty.


Early days but this could be my release of the year 2014. Still to hear AOC4 and there are several other contenders also. Been a great ambient year.

drone on

Thirdsystem, did you get the Dr Atmo disc on txt?  I just ordered it.  Fax label fans would be interested I would think.  Hopefully I can track down a reasonable price copy of this Ishqamatics.  Haven't heard any clips yet but I'm sure it's great.


Hey Drone on, Ja , I got the Dr Atmo on ...txt CD. I really like it, excellent, melodic orientated, mega chilled ambience. Beautiful album.

Here's the Ishqamatics - Waterbound bandcamp page , check the tunes out......

I am loving it. Lee saying over on the Discogs ambient forum that the next release in the series is "Firebound" .......sounds like hot stuff.


I'm having a tough time getting into Ishqamatics, which is weird because I have an almost unconditional affection for anything else done by these artists. :(

Speaking of which: Recently enjoying the new Autumn of Communion 4 on Carpe Sonum. The disc is on the way, but I've been listening almost non-stop to the download over the past few days. Great stuff--especially the first and fourth tracks.