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--- Quote from: MarkJohnson on December 06, 2007, 07:51:02 PM ---- Vidna Obmana: An Opera for Four Fusions Works (Act 3, Reflection on Scale). All four volumes have their merits, but I love the intentional static on this disc; I miss the pops and scratches of vinyl, and this, in addition to being interesting, sparse, well-constructed music, sounds oddly nostalgic as well.

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That reminds me of when we were planning this release, and talking with Dirk (Vidna Obmana) about the glitches and static, and whether people would misunderstand it, since it doesn't appear throughout the whole recording.  It was my idea to include a note about this inside the booklet and I don't know whether that was the right decision or not, but at least nobody has complained and said "my CD is defective, it has all this static on it."

right now

- Paul Bradley: Anamnesis (addictive droning)

Just finished listening to:

Robert Rich - Calling Down the Sky

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
I am on a huge Grateful Dead kick, which is actually a phrase I never thought I would say...

For years I just let all of my misconceptions about them keep me from listening to them and then a friend of mine lent me their entire collection of official studio and live albums, plus many of the Dick's Picks and I am hooked!!!


Utopia: Nov. 9, 1974 (St. Louis) and Nov. 11, 1978 (Hartford). A bunch of live Utopia shows have become available through iTunes. Pretty good quality and inexpensive too.


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