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Started by waveman, February 22, 2023, 02:22:45 PM

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Friday 24 february 2023 EM/Ambient with mostly NEW
or radiosunrise.de / All music is in 192kbps quality
"Start: 20.00-23.30 / 7pm-10.30pm(UK) / 2-5.30pm(US) EST"
You are welcome in the chat.....just a name and guest

What do we have:
1. Dutch releases from René van der Wouden(buurman), Tectonia, Adeptus Mechanicus
2. From Belgium also 3 tracks: Jovica Storer(Joost Carpentier), Nothing but Noise, and opener from album "Niyati by Xyrion
3. Happy to see Frenchman Christian Richet who find the Dutch label Groove Unlimited for his album "Life is But a Dream" GR-340 all ready in stock.
4. Annemarie Borg who presents her 3rd album "Nomine Caelus"(early 2023) "Invitation au voyage" Coming home
5. Last but not least.....From the US: Just released Robert Scott Thompson and Steve Roach's double album "Rest of Life" release march 2023

See the playlist here:   http://emportal.info/viewtopic.php?t=15548&sid=4f498f2f776e04f043e43398083775fa