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Hi Everyone, any gamers here who've been playing the game Spore?

About 2 years ago, I got a chance to work on the sound development for this game. I worked for about a month coming up with some initial concepts for them. Then, Mr. Brian Eno decided to come in and take the job right out of my hands. :)  Well, I just received an email from Spore telling me that my original sketches made it into the final game. So, if any of you are playing Spore, I'm happy to tell you that the background music in the "sporepedia" element of the game, is not Brian Eno, as many will assume, but is one of the original long form compositions I composed for the game!


Hey Saul,

That's great to hear!  Hope they gave you a little green for your trouble.


Great to hear your music made it into the game. I'm one of the people who really enjoys game music when it's done well. Will Wright's games have always been a bit of magic in a box.

That said, I'm really on the fence about this title. EA's ridiculous DRM rules are getting out of hand. 3 installs tops, and then you have to call EA support? Internet connection required? I call shenanigans.

DRM just punishes the legitimate owners and makes upgrading your own hardware an exercise in frustration. I was going to buy the game as a gift for someone, but until the DRM is either eliminated or seriously patched, i'll pass.

Spore is getting some pretty nasty reviews on Amazon due to this DRM scheme.  Still, a zillion people will end up playing this game, so congrats to Saul -- I hope it gets you some publicity one way or another.

My daughter has been playing it since its release a few days ago, and she noticed Saul's name in the credits and immediately told me.

Its a fine looking game. Be getting into it myself soon.


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