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This thread is brought on by the arrival in our office of these insanely good chocolate truffles one of our designers makes. They're downright sinful and positively addictive.

The holidays are the time of year when people roll out that "special" food. For my family, it's a thing we call "balls & dogs"--cut-up hot dogs, little meatballs and pineapple chunks in a sort of sweet-sour sauce. It sounds foul, but one taste and you're hooked. And I know that come Christmas Eve my sister will have a big crockpot full of it just waiting for us.

So....what's the holiday food you can't wait to get to?

(Now if you'll excuse me, there are truffles to be had...)

I'm already dreaming about Mike's amazing homemade garlic mashed potatoes! When I was little, though, my aunt always made these things she called "buckeyes", which was like a peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate. I have since carried-on the tradition, I made them for Thanksgiving this year. (Yummy, but very, very dangerous, since they contain a TON of butter, peanut butter & sugar)...

Bill Binkelman:
Kathryn and I have two traditional meals every year. Christmas Eve is her out of this world decadent cheese fondue...OMIGOD! So delicious with a crusty baguette for dipping into it....and (hopefully) a nice brandy (or two or three....Courvosier, of course) to finish it off whilst sitting in front of the fire. Then, Christmas dinner is always one of her exceptional East Indian meals...made scratch dahl, a nice spicy lamb curry dish, shredded curry cabbage and onions, basmatai rice with cinnamon and other spices, naan, pan-sauteed in butter...and lots and lots of mixed pickle relish....oooooooh it's good...washed down with Bass Ale.

Can't wait! :)

Both meals sound good to me, Bill.  I'm not gonna say anything about Hypnogogue's "balls and dogs" which sounds like a bad hot lunch experiment from my grade school cafeteria... oh, wait, I said I wasn't gonna say anything!

That curry does sound great !
One of my favourite meals.
I'd happy substitute it for the inevitable turkey.


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