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Megatone albums Mulberry Forest Voyage and Pure Land
« on: December 06, 2007, 03:25:31 PM »
MEGATONE - album  “Mulberry Forest Voyage”

Inspired by the place he grew up, Megatone (from Moldova) gives us an intense musical meditation. With wonderful eerie soundscapes ranging from passive introspect to more attentive ambient of various forms, he takes us on a voyage through the mulberry forest, as the title suggests. Hauntingly chill yet warm and comforting, alert and intimate yet distant and dreamy. Join us and on a walk through the mulberry forest...

Megatone’s album “Mulberry Forest Voyage”, released on label Krakilsk in Norway, is inspired from the impressions and atmosphere of village Drutsa. Consisting of almost 80 minutes of music, the album is a diverse collection of multiple highly individual styles. Thru advanced sound design, some of the tracks artificially recreate real environments, as the sound of a forest, river water, summer rain, or an eagle flying in the sky. Some tracks use classical harmonies with a vast symphonic sounding. There are tracks with experimental beats, and deep, dark introspective waveform ambient pieces that explore the inner depths of human soul.

“…As an experienced Experimental Ambient composer, Marcel Gherman is a master of timbre. Megatone's engineering and synthesis is extremely competent; …His music is as polished as any commercial release.”
-After Enigma

“…The listener of my music enters a jungle of sound, dives into a medium of plasma, floats thru waves and currents of digital sonic particles. It is a sonic representation of cyberspace, an equivalent of the holodeck from Star Trek.”
-From an interview for newspaper Jurnal De Chisinau

Album Mulberry Forest Voyage can be bought at label Krakilsk mailorder:

Visit Megatone on myspace:

MEGATONE album “Pure Land” is now available at online store BeatsDigital. The whole album can be purchased as digital download for the price of just 1.50 UK Pound in mp3 or 2.30 UK Pounds in wav.
Style: ambient/cinematic
Album “Pure Land” is a fusion of vast space classical harmonies with a symphonic sounding, and hyperreal sound design. It reminds of the soundtracks of Dune, Star Wars, Final Fantasy and Blade Runner.