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It's All Deepspace's Fault


Thanks to Deepspace, I got the bug for a new polyphonic analog synth. I had limited funds, so an Andromeda was out of the question. A friend of mine had just picked up a DSI PolyEvolver and it wasn't exciting him. I went to his house and played on it and fell in love. I asked him what he wanted for it thinking I wouldn't be able to raise the coins. He had been trying to talk me out of my Emu Emulator II and Yamaha CS-50 for quite some time. So we worked out a trade. I know I'll miss the CS-50 a lot, but I think I will get more use out of the PEK. Anyway, I can borrow the CS-50 or any of his gear anytime I want.   I have been on a GAS binge this summer. I bought an Akai EWI4000s, a Waldorf Blofeld and a used Yamaha VL-70m. Somebody stop me!!! :o  Anyway, I'm good on gear for awhile (famous last words). Oh, oh! That new Sea Devils filter from STG would be great in my modular. ;)     Harry

You are spinning out of control !


My work here is done.

Wow - you have been on a GAS binge this summer!   

Yes - I'm wanting the new STG modules as well... :)

My binge really was over the top. I happened upon some really good deals and I had some extra cash at the same time. Not a good combination for me. ;)  I hadn't picked up anything new for several years , though. Well, except for an occasional used dotcom module. Now I'm learning all of these instruments at the same time which is not the ideal way to do it. At least it keeps me out of trouble. That's not true, I can usually find a way to get into some trouble, as well.    Harry


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