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Nothing can compare...


Gemini Ambience:
To getting new gear...only to open one box and discover the NRV10 arrived with a slider missing a cap, and the Mackie Control Universal arrived with a European power cord.

This is my life...brand new gear...still f-ed up.  :(  I don't care about the slider not having a cap on it...but I now have a $1,500 paper weight til I can get a power cord that actually works with the unit I bought. 


Gemini Ambience:
M-audio can bite me.

I followed the installation and connection guide to a "T" - still no sound coming through the mixer; not from the Mac or from my synths.

I give up.  Whoever said Macs make electronic music either lying, or I'm the dumbest person on Earth.

Sorry about that GA. I do know first hand how frustrating that can be. Hopefully someone here who is computer literate will give you some advice. That person is definitely not me, though, as I often have difficulty sending email.  :)    Harry

Gemini Ambience:
No worries friend.  :)

I needed to vent, and this is the only forum I'm on that has producers who can not only relate but hopefully help with suggestions.

Since that post, I can happily say that I've read the manual twice (a whopping 25 pages) and it still isn't helping much. I was able, however, to just do the basic "from the ground up" review..and I realized I had not uninstalled my Edirol controller and I did that. I don't know if that would have caused an issue or not...but just to keep it clean, I unistalled the Firewire driver and did a fresh install.

I also forgot that on the Mac it has it's own Audio/MIDI control panel and I was able to go in and make some changes. At least now the master output of the Mac is routed to the NRV10 and I can play audio through it to my monitor speakers...and WOW...this sucker's sound quality is NICE.  lolol

The only issue I'm still having is trying to get the sound from my two hardware synths to come into the mixer and sound through the master out.

At least I've made forward progress...but this manual by M-Audio is almost comical. It has absolutely zero value to someone as "noob" as I am to hardware. But if I can get one of the 10 streams to connect and sound properly through the interface/mixer...I'm sure I'll figure out the rest...would just be really nice to see a manual with a section for complete idiots like myself.

I'm still upset over the Mackie controller arriving with a European power cord...but that's the least of my problems.  lol 

Take care,



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