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Fascinating Effect Boxes

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I have a Kaoss Pad 3 and use it a lot -- does stuff I haven't found elsewhere.
Plus it's just a ton of fun to play with.

Got me wondering what FX boxes people have that they really enjoy.
Especially boxes that do quirky, interesting things, or that you use in interesting and gratifying ways.

I'm only thinking of hardware here. Lets leave the crazy software world for another thread.

I think my buddy had the Kaoss pad 2 before and maybe sold it. If he didn't I was thinking of checking it out. I don't know diddly about it and would have to play with one for awhile to figure out if I wanted one or not. They are still a bit pricey if I recall so I am hesitant at the moment on getting something like it. I'm thinking of getting another cheaper low end (but good action) guitar to leave downtuned to drop C tuning for some Solitude Aeturnus songs (others are drop D which is fine on standard tuning). But I will check with him to see if he sold it off or not (the K2). If he still has it maybe I'll toy with it and if he's selling it I may take it off his hands. But it looks cool, just don't know if I'd use it. Hell I haven't even used my padKontrol since I bought the thing last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really REALLY need to get that set up in Live so I can set up some drum kits and mess with some percussiveness for Mired In Twilight to the metronome and see what I can come up

Scott M2:
I'm big on the Kaoss Pads myself. Each one has its own personality.
The K3 is clearly the most advanced but the patches are usually quantized -
the K2 and K1 let you get in-between more often. Also, on my K3, the
ring modulator patch has a lot of carrier-breakthrough, so I usually go to
the K2 for ring-mod. Even with the K3 - I would definitely replace my K2
if anything were to happen to it.

I haven't used a Kaos pad, but they sure look cool...   :)

My favorite "odd" effect unit was a Digitech RDS-8000 Time Machine delay.  It allowed me to layer loops indefinitely (up to 8 seconds long, as many layers as I wanted).  The coolest thing was that I could record/create the loop at a 4-second length (or whatever length I wanted), then slow it down to 8 seconds (or whatever speed got the pitch just right).  It would change the pitch like slowing a tape down, unlike many other effects that "time stretch" the sample so the pitch stays the same.  It allowed me to take seemingly 'normal' sounding guitar/ebow drones and slow them down until their origin was impossible to discern.

Plenty of software can do this, but ten years ago, it was the only hardware unit I found that could do it.  And for less than $100, too.  Fun toy, I sold it on ebay a few years ago in a fit of stupidity...   ::)


one Digitech RDS-8000 going here for $79.99 + $20.00 postage, looks interesting


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