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After been listening to artists such as Klaus Wiese and Oophoi for some time..I have been getting interested to maybe get an singing Bowl..But I want to know little more of it, what different kinds Singing Bowls does exist ?
And what does these cost ?

I think you could probably find a Tibetan or Nepalese singing bowl for under $100 on the web, but the nicer ones will probably run you several hundred dollars.  A Tibetan folk musician I knew joked that the singing bowls were used for storing beer.


Alright, there exist different sizes also ?
And maybe you need more then just one...if you want to produce different tones etc..


Check out, for example. You’ll see there’s a pretty large range of bowls of different sizes, materials, and antiquities. I came across fine antique singing bowls, rare & unique singing bowls, special deep singing bowls, antique harmonic sets, hand made gold color, hand made bronze color, hand made bronze engraved, hand made copper engraved, machine made cup bowls, machine made decorative copper...

Take one page, e.g., and you’ll see there are a variety of different sizes, and a corresponding range of prices. Compare with other pages where there are differently aged and priced specimens. I’d be spoilt for choice if I had to decide which to buy. I noticed there’s 20% off some of the stuff on this site.

In the UK singing bowls are often available in stalls selling nepalese or himalayan clothes at music festivals or spiritual fayres. The second of these are well worth attending as the stalls I have seen are often run by nepalese or himalayan people who want to develop interest in their culture and so tend to import good versions of what they are selling.

A slightly different tibetan sound maker is the dorje (vajra - thunderbolt) and bell. They usually come in a set, representing among other things male and female energies - the bell can be sung in the same way as a singing bowl by rubbing one of the beaters around the edge.


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