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Anyone using this?  Any comments would be appreciated (good bad indifferent).



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Anyone using this?  Any comments would be appreciated (good bad indifferent).


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I've investigated it, thought about it, mulled it over, but have had to be honest with myself and admit that I don't have the time to devote to figuring this out.  Max/MSP is not just an ordinary audio app or plugin, it's basically an entire programming language. 

Now, it doesn't really bother me to play around with learning a programming language, just for fun (I made a brief foray into learning Python not too long ago, and may take a run at Perl at some point), but what I figure with Max/MSP is that delving into it just a little, just for fun, will not make you enough of an expert to create any tools that are any better than the thousands of free audio/midi/DSP applications and plugins that are already out there.  And learning Max/MSP well enough to do anything truly worthwhile, is no small undertaking.

So, that's how I talked myself out of buying a copy, though I think Cycling74's "Pluggo" pack is definitely worth getting.

And.... re-reading my post, I guess I should clarify that I know Max/MSP is not exactly a programming language.  But it is a sound processing programming environment that's more like a programming language than any other metaphor I can think of.

I have to agree with Mike. I have friends who have gotten ionto Mas/MSP and basically it seems that once they got into it their composing output dropped off to next to nothing. Mainly because its such a deep program that you spend a lot of time building your system. Now, once you have that system you can use it for whatever you want. My advice is if you see a use for it, for what it does then go ahead and get it. But if you are just thinking about messing around with it then you might want to reconsider.

Oh, and as Mike says Pluggo is well worth getting. A lot of the plugins in Pluggo came directly from Mas/MXP, you can make plugins in Max and then port them as Pluggo plugins.

I bought a copy of MAX when it was only a MIDI implementation, and never really had the time to work through all of the programming language.  I tried some of the MIDI objects and gizmos that folks posted online, which I worked into some pieces on Gongland.  Probably the MSP version is similar, though it's a pretty expensive way to go just to play algorithmic widgets.


Years ago I was seriously thinking about getting it - and as others have said - decided not to get caught up in the programming.    I think I'd spend so much time tinkering with it that I'd never actually record anything (I'm waiting for a comment from APK about the fact I haven't recorded in 4 years anyway... but anyway!).

I think it's amazing these tools exist - and I toyed around with csound for a brief time - and decided I do enough programming for my job to not make it yet another hobby. 

I'm still considering jumping into Reaktor someday, which is a completely different animal and so many others have created synths that I could just use it and only configure things when I really wanted to - although I opted to buy my analog modular instead of an upgraded pc and Reaktor a few years back.    Knobs and hardware just excite me too much.


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