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But John ... you haven't recorded in 4 years anyway !  :)

Max/Msp does have a lot of interesting preconfigured (by other people) instruments you can download and run when you have it. Its a fascinating system, but yep, its something that takes a while to get into and needs a programmers mind. Its a bit like teh much cheaper SynthEdit on the windows platform --- a modular synth/effect creating program that can be simple to use at one level (connecting preconfigured high-level modules) or as detailed as you want once you get into it.


--- Quote from: jkn on December 21, 2007, 06:57:58 AM ---I'm still considering jumping into Reaktor someday, which is a completely different animal and so many others have created synths that I could just use it and only configure things when I really wanted to - although I opted to buy my analog modular instead of an upgraded pc and Reaktor a few years back.    Knobs and hardware just excite me too much.

--- End quote ---

I'd say Reaktor's sort of the opposite of Max/MSP, at least in terms of the shape of the learning curve.  You can do cool things with Reaktor within 5 minutes of installing it.


Thanks for the comments they are appreciated. 

Currently i'm into Audiomulch.
Deceided that this could be a great
Program for using on Stage, and it is.


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