Kendall Station - Nebulae and Gridlock - Now Available - Free Download!

Started by bunkdata, October 16, 2008, 07:21:03 AM

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ea002 - Kendall Station - Nebulae and Gridlock

Kendall Station's Nebulae and Gridlock constitutes an amalgam of two separately conceived works spanning the past five years, each proposing somewhat different approaches with the same topics. Each track serves as a vignette to various phases of interstellar travel such as cryosleep, spacewalking (see 'Tether'), and docking your ship at a space station that ancient cultures viewed as a mythical afterlife ("Xibalba"). This album, above all, explores a continuous experience of nostalgia and isolation one might feel when arriving at an interstellar destination.


Endless Ascent is also actively looking for new and established artists to release in 2009. Please send all inquires to

We you hope you enjoy the release and stop by often!

Thanks for reading/listening!


Endless Ascent is currently operating as a net.label dedicated to releasing light ambient, atmospheric and space music from around the world. Endless Ascent releases are free to download under a Creative Commons License for personal use.


Yes, it is a magnificent release from Endless Ascent! I downloaded it long ago, but I return to it again from time to time. It leaves a very pleasant impression.


I love it when people use the "search" function and find old threads ...  wow - awesome.  Nicely done Sievert!

Endless Ascent has a nice selection of releases - quite a few gems in there.
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Undoubtedly it's true. I have all Endless Ascent releases in my collection, and they constitute the "warming and comfortable sound" section in it. Some of them, and Kendall Station's album as well are reviewed in by blog:
Kendall Station - Nebulae and Gridlock