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CD release: Sounds of a Universe Overheard (various artists)

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CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Title: Sounds of a Universe Overheard (various artists compilation)
Hypnos Recordings (hyp2752)

2007. This is the first compilation project on Hypnos since 1999's  Weightless, Effortless.

Track listing (mp3 sample clips coming soon):
Jonathan Block "The Language of Rocks"
M. Peck "Somna"
Freq. Magnet "Nitrous"
Kirk Watson "Scarecrow"
dreamSTATE "Ghost Nebula"
Seren Ffordd " Strange Attractor"
Dwight Ashley " Behold the Trampled Wheat"
Justin Vanderberg "Infection"
Igneous Flame "Pandora"
Tau Ceti "Float"

Hypnos Online Store listing (sale price $12.99)

Gradually getting this pulled-together into a full-fledged CD release announcement.

CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Title: Sounds of a Universe Overheard (various artists compilation)
Hypnos Recordings (hyp2752)

2007. Long-time Hypnos listeners may recall that we released a couple of compilations in the early years, The Other
World and Weightless, Effortless, which included exclusive tracks by some of the great artists of this music scene...
Vidna Obmana, Steve Roach, Jeff Pearce, A Produce, Saul Stokes, James Johnson, Ma Ja Le, Rod Modell, Loren Nerell,
Jeff Greinke, Ron Boots, Robert Scott Thompson, Richard Bone, and many others. Both those compilations were very
well-received by critics, DJs, and all kinds of listeners. So you could ask, and many have, why hasn't Hypnos released
any more compilations recently? Maybe because they're a lot of work, much more work than a regular CD by a single
artist, and time is always a constraining factor when running a small label by yourself. Do you do one compilation
album, or do you spend that time putting together two or three regular CDs? Well now, Hypnos is no longer a one-man
operation, so more time is available, and that has allowed us to take on the task of putting together these compilations.

These two new compilations, released one after the other, cover all sorts of territory in terms of sound, from more
musical and soundtrack-like sounds, to darker ambient, to pure sonic experimentation. The first compilation is
Sounds of a Universe Overheard, a collection of ten tracks available only on this CD, created by a cross-section of
ambient, experimental and soundscape artists from around the world. Included in this diverse group are more
established recording artists who will be known to most listeners to these genres, as well as new, emerging names.


Jonathan Block, better known as Synthetic Block, has released electronic music on such labels as Hypnos/Binary and Gears of Sand.

M. Peck, based in Tennessee, has recently released two collaborative CDs with Mark Mahoney, but his Glacial on Gears of Sand is a great solo debut.

Freq. Magnet is an alter-ego of one half of ambient/experimental duo Austere, working entirely with treated electric guitar, who has two solo full-length CDs, Etoiles du Couvrecle and Principium Somniferum.

Kirk Watson appeared previously on a compilation, Passing Strange, on the short-lived Broad Vista label.

dreamSTATE, a duo from Toronto, Canada, have released several CDs and have been active in collaboration with other artists, and on compilations on such labels as Umbra, The Foundry, Dark Duck, and Atmoworks.

Seren Ffordd is a sound artists working in Wales, who has released several CDs on the Umbra & Penumbra labels, as well as a recent release on Hypnos Secret Sounds.

Dwight Ashley is a long-established ambient composer with several solo CDs as well as well-received collaborations with Tim Story.

Justin Vanderberg is a relatively new name, but his debut CD In Waking Moments on the Hypnos Secret Sounds label has been well-received, and marks him as a name to watch.

Igneous Flame is a British ambient/soundscape artist who has come on very strong in just the last few years, with his self-released albums gaining positive notices.

Tau Ceti is an Italian ambient minimalist, and frequent collaborator with his countryman Oophoi, on whose labels Umbra & Penumbra the majority of Tau Ceti's delicate works appear.

TRACK LISTING, with MP3 sample clips:
Jonathan Block "The Language of Rocks" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-01.mp3
M. Peck "Somna" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-02.mp3
Freq. Magnet "Nitrous" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-03.mp3
Kirk Watson "Scarecrow" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-04.mp3
dreamSTATE "Ghost Nebula" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-05.mp3
Seren Ffordd " Strange Attractor" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-06.mp3
Dwight Ashley " Behold the Trampled Wheat" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-07.mp3
Justin Vanderberg "Infection" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-08.mp3
Igneous Flame "Pandora" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-09.mp3
Tau Ceti "Float" http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hypnos-v-soauo-10.mp3

Hypnos Online Store listing (sale price $12.99)

drone on:
This is a very good compilation.  My fave tracks belong to Justin Vanderberg (very Vir Unis like a la "The Drift Inside") and Igneous Flame, whose name I had heard on this Forum but was unfamiliar with his music.   


--- Quote from: mgriffin on December 06, 2007, 03:36:53 PM ---CD release announcement from Hypnos Recordings
Title: Sounds of a Universe Overheard (various artists compilation)
Hypnos Recordings (hyp2752)
--- End quote ---

I finally got the chance to listen to the entire disc over this past weekend.

Mike you did a great job sequencing this disc. Well made.


Scott M2:
Due, I suppose, to the holiday mail overload and the grand bog which is Canada Customs,
I haven't received my copies yet. However, after spending some holiday time listening
to the SoaUO mp3s, I came to the same conclusion about the sequencing. It seems to
begin with some unexpected sonic curves before launching into deeper space material
and then concluding with a lovely ambient drift. Very nice! I'll keep watching the post for the real thing.  :)


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