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Numina & Stephen Philips - Descent of the Falcon
CD, Dark Duck Records, 2008
"Descent of the Falcon", listed as part one of two releases, is a recording taken out of massive six hour live collaborative jam in May 2008 between Stephen Philips and Jesse Sola at Jesse's Denver-based Mysterium studio. The 61-minutes of music presented here is made up of long form textures and drone tapestries with a darker edge to it. There's a nice flow to be found here, as the soundscapes meander forth, elevate and slowly start whirling down again. The walls of ambient sound are occasionally quite massive and immersive, the latter especially applies to the beautiful 14-minute "Final Resting Place" with its nicely layered emotional tapestries. The music winds down in a the serene, drifting  manner with the 15-minute title track, another highlight on the album. I can't compare this mature release with the duo's previous two recordings as I'm unfamiliar with them, but it seems Stephen and Jesse have taken things in a new direction.
Bert Strolenberg

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