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New Ambient/Minimal/Drone Podcast


Hi all,

I'm always swimming in incredible music, both released and unreleased, so I've set up an audio blog/podcast to share some of the best.  Info is at :

Styles are ambient, minimal, experimental, electro-acoustic, modern classical, minimalist classical, jazz, post jazz, avant garde, and "other" music recordings.

Tracklist for first show below:

   1. Lars Danielsson (w. Bugge Wesseltoft & Nils Peter Molvaer) - Melange Bleu
   2. Paul Bradley - Chroma 3
   3. Inch-Time - Icicles And Snowflakes
   4. The Field - Kappsta 2
   5. Rod Modell - Subway
   6. Kiln - Flycatcher
   7. Chihei Katayama - Granular Haze
   8. Eivind Aarset - Family Pictures III
   9. Lusine ICL - Stones Throw
  10. Adam Pacione - Sawa
  11. Opitope - Trees Reflecting Off The Surface Of The Lake
  12. Michael Harrison - Revealing The Tones

Hope you enjoy, feedback always appreciated.

Evan Bartholomew

Just subscribed, downloading the first show now. Looking forward to this - I'm a fan of Kiln and the various Lusine guises; everything else on the setlist is unknown to me, so I'm hoping to be introduced to some great new music.

Thanks for setting up the podcast, Evan!

Very nice selection, which includes a number of artists whose albums I enjoyed in 2007: Paul Bradley (several releases, incl. "Chroma", "Searching for the Way", "Cede"), Rod Modell ("Incense and Blacklight"), Kiln ("Dusker"), Chihei Hatakeyama ("Minima Moralia" [2006]), Lusine ICL ("Language Barrier"), Adam Pacione ("From Stills to Motion" = one of the best of the year), Opitope ("Hau").

Beautiful Podcast. Very nice and relaxing Stuff.
As a big Fan of Paul Bradley i'm glad one of his
tunes is present.

Edit: Finished listening to it for the second time
and damn, this is some sort of "the perfect mixtape".

Pretty much new stuff for me, but especially cds of Chihei Katayama and
Opitope will be bought. :)

I hope we can expect more Podcasts like this.

Thanks for listening, and I appreciate the feedback.  Glad its being enjoyed!

FYI, Chihei is a member of Opitope.


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