Author Topic: Morbid topic but need feedback  (Read 4981 times)

Bill Binkelman

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Morbid topic but need feedback
« on: November 11, 2008, 11:35:16 AM »
Kathryn has asked me to finally put a will and testament in writing which I am working on now. Part of this will be a bequest document about my large CD collection which is in the thousands (includes what I've bought and what was sent for review and airplay). I would like some opinions or suggestions:

(1) She is not enough of a music lover, esp. of ambient/new age to warrant her keeping all but a few discs, so the whole collection would need to go.
(2) Many of the discs are stamped "promotional" which, by law, blocks me from donating them to schools or libraries here in Minnesota
(3) There are no radio stations here in Minneapolis/St. Paul that would be interested in this music and most stations in the midwest that play this music are probably already getting their own copies.
(4) As much as she could use the money once I am gone, I'd prefer to not sell them (well, at least the promo copies) unless there is no other viable option...but I'd rather they be sold than...
(5) I DON'T want them ending up in a landfill somewhere contributing to the ecology in such a negative fashion (which is why if throwing them away is the only alternative to selling the lot, then I'd rather sell it and piss off some folks).
(6) I also don't want to burden Kathryn with anything resembling an arduous task such as dispensing them piecemeal, e.g. "Okay, these 20 to Brian, these 20 to Jim, these 20 to etc etc etc." This would especially be the case. if, as much as I hate to write this down, my death comes sooner than later and rather unexpectedly.

So, please EMAIL ME with any thoughts, ideas, suggestions you might have (no need to clutter this list with this unless some of you think this is a worthwhile topic for public discussion...I'll leave that up to each of you individually...I will respond if you post it here, but I don't know if some here consider this too (a) personal and (b) morbid)

NOTE: I am FINE (healthwise) as far as I know but I will be 55 next year and both my folks died of heart disease. While starting the will process, I have begun dwelling on shit like this. BUT, I'm not looking to unload any of these now (well, maybe a few, but I can contact individuals who I think may be interested in my CDs offline). I still entertain the notion of writing my version of a Rolling Stone Record Guide to this music, but I've been dreaming of that forever, so who knows. But, until I surrender that idea, I may as well keep a lot of what I have. But I DO want a formal plan, and in writing, for disbursing all these discs. Since this is an ambient list, if anyone has ideas on what to do with lots of new age as well, those opinions would also be appreciated.

Thanks for indulging this important (if a bit morbid and certainly somewhat selfish) topic. You can email me at or


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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 12:04:11 PM »
Back when I met you, before the Robert Rich show a few years back, you mentioned your desire to get rid of the bulk of the collection at some point, but that you felt selling promo stuff was kinda shady.  I mentioned that you could sell them via eBay, then donate the money to charity; I still think this is your best option.  And if you're worried about your wife having to deal with this after you're gone, I'd suggest doing it now (no, I'm not saying you'll die next week...   ;) ). 

You can whittle the collection down to the stuff you really like, reducing clutter in your home; make a nice chunk of change to send to a worthy charity; make your wife's life easier after you're gone; and spread some great music around.

And yes, selling promo disks could mean one less of each title that a consumer would potentially buy new, reducing $ to the artist.  But it's only one of each title, so I think that's a minor consideration.

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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2008, 04:33:07 PM »
Hi Bill,

What about donating the CDs to a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a church rummage sale?  I doubt that CDs with a promotional sticker would be an issue with them, but I guess you never know.



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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2008, 12:05:49 PM »
The thing about large, in-depth collections like this (CDs, albums, comic books, baseball cards, stamps, coins) is that they are worth much more to the collector who collected them, than they are to some other collector.  And they're worth even less yet to someone who's a reseller.

So, a CD collection of, say, 5,000 CDs (Bill may well have a lot more than this) might be worth $50,000-75,000 to you, but if you were to try to find a handful of collectors to buy pieces of it, you'd probably get something less than 1/2 that amount.  And if you took the whole lot to a store to sell them, they'd get you less than 1/10 what they were worth to you, especially with all the promos mixed in.

As Forrest suggested, the greatest value to you, with the least amount of trouble to your wife, might be to donate the collection and take a full-value tax deduction.

It's not morbid to plan ahead, in fact it's essential, and it's a good idea to do planning like this before you have to.  Don't wait until you're sick or dying or 90 years old to plan for things like this.  One of my close relatives has been going through a very difficult two years trying to sort out a family estate issue, and all that difficulty is even with things like a valid will, many of the assets in a trust, nobody disputing any of the will's provisions, etc.  The more tidy the advance plans, the better.
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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2008, 05:46:20 PM »
Donate them to a public library.
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Bill Binkelman

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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2008, 08:06:19 PM »
Donate them to a public library.

See point number 2 in my original post, please.


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Re: Morbid topic but need feedback
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2008, 08:27:58 PM »
1. Take them with you, be entombed with them, you'll have some tunes for the other side.  ;D

2. Put them up on Ebay now for a $1, several for a $1 or free.

3. Send them off to a recycling plant. Its amazing what they can do with recycled plastic these days!


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