Layoffs, downsizing, retrenchment, whatever you call it

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Hope you find something soon

This is why I wish whomever within the government quit padding the numbers on unemployment, etc.....
They are telling us, the public that it is all peachy and rainbows, well, I call their bullshit.....
people are still looking for jobs. most have given up now and are economy is still pretty bad.....
whoever these government people are telling us that everything is looking up seriously need to take off their rose colored glasses and see the truth...
My girlfriend is still looking for a job here in Texas and supposedly they say Texas has the most job growth....
where oh where is the jobs then....:)

I wish you the best of luck man..

I don't know if I ever posted about it... but I lost my job in October last year - suddenly... and hired into a new place April 1 this year.  I was fortunate to only be out of work about 6 months.  It was a long 6 months and job hunting is hard work.  I was extremely lucky - frankly I say I won the job lottery as I always say I won the wife lottery... ;-)

Well it's coming up on 6 months in 5 more weeks. I've had a LOT of phone interviews, a bunch of walk-ins and recently round 2 on the phone with one company. Hoping they bring me in for a walk-in. Have another phone interview this afternoon and one late monday afternoon with yet another different company. Also waiting on word of a phone or walk-in with Sandisk after speaking with the recruiter last night. Lots of activity but no setting the hook (which is stressing me out). Had one possible but they passed on me (probably due to no network switch configuration experience or deeper linux/SQL) but it would have been dream job, work at home, go to california for training, go to Belgium to meet development group....MAN I WANTED THAT ONE SOOOOOO BADLY.

Keeping the chin up though and taking the hits in stride....still.


Well here it is 2014 and still not back to work. Had 2nd interview yesterday for a job in state (they are based out of australia).  i am now working on getting a skype discussion about a job that came about since i posted in craigslist about looking for work. I also have a couple other things I am working on (one trying to get concrete info from recruiter about the position and possible interview with the CEO - that's the only interview for that job, me want to speak with hiim!). Hopefully something will hit soon as unemployment ran out (buddy hooked me up for a couple months or so so I didn't have to hit the 401k just yet).

Our leaders in Senate/House/Congress are assholes, they take 3 frickin weeks vacation and leave those of us in need in the lurch. They should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY or replaced in the next election, every damn one of those (dems/repubs) who screwed us. And they really need to come off the dole off our backs  when they retire and get to keep their existing medical coverage FOR LIFE and their kids going to school should NOT even be covered by us just because they are in politics. Wish I went into that shit instead of working joe....lol (sarcasm).



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