Layoffs, downsizing, retrenchment, whatever you call it

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[quoteOur leaders in Senate/House/Congress are assholes, they take 3 frickin weeks vacation and leave those of us in need in the lurch. They should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY or replaced in the next election, every damn one of those (dems/repubs) who screwed us.[/quote]  Ain't that the truth! >:(

drone on:
The REAL people in power are not the politicians, and these people have been orchestrating the collapse of US economy for years now.  This is not just a conspiracy theory.

Yeah, the economy is still horrible. Hope you find a job Mike. I'm going to have to get one myself after I get out of grad school in May, and I don't have that much experience. It's hard to start a career in an economy like this. That's for sure.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I had an interview yesterday (3-4 QA Engineers to be hired) so I am hoping I am one of them. I blew 2/3 SQL questions on a 7 page test (first hr of 2 hr interview), aced XML page, pretty much aced 3 pages of test cases. Waiting on word about interviews for at least 3-4 other jobs as well. But things picked up for me in the past 2 weeks so I am hoping something pops REAL SOON for me so I can relax a bit and feel a bit more secure on things. And I am also starting to try to get back into music stuff (Darkened Soul, but focusing on getting Mired In Twilight off the damn ground again after some years of nothing, got another musician friend who may sign up for things, we just have to decide where we are gonna go with the music/style).

Anyways, best to all and if in Guild Wars 2, see my thread on that to find me in game ;-)


well still pounding the pavement BUT things have gotten busier here for me over the 2 weeks. I have had one walk-in (waiting on decision supposedly this week on who they are going to make an offer to), 3 phone interviews in past 2 days of which 2 may go to a 2nd phone interview with managers, the 3rd was with the VP of QA which means I could be brought in for an on-site interview. Today I have 2nd interview from a call last week where I knew someone there who put in some good words to the QA manager (who I spoke with last week). So hopefully something of these 4 will come to fruition soon! Fingers crossed (and legs/fingers)....



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