Layoffs, downsizing, retrenchment, whatever you call it

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Dave Michuda:
We've been doing the reduction through attrition thing too(just lost 55 years worth of experience in one week).  I work in local TV news & it's starting to get ridiculous.  We've had a ton of people leave but we aren't allowed to replace them.  So then we end up with photographers & editors wandering around with nothing to do because we don't have enough reporters to fill the shows.  I'm beginning to wonder when we will start to kill newscasts because we don't have enough people to do the job.

If we do get permission to hire someone, we have to do it using corporate's latest trick...hire the person as a "freelancer".  That way we don't have to pay benefits.  We offer the carrot of full time employment some time in the future.

You know you're in trouble when management starts talking about the "exciting challenges" that lie ahead and how we will be "creative" with our budgets and how we have to "do more with less".  Yippee!

Been scary... Getting a lot scarier.  Hiring freeze except for a very few key positions for quite awhile now.  I'm getting to the point where I need a couple weeks off from bad news, but that isn't looking likely.

The media unfortunately feeds into the fears people have - but also - that's the news people want to know about. 

So yeah - I'm to the point where this is getting really bad - and only seems to be getting worse.   As the problems trickle down through everyone - wow. 

And could someone please get the AIG management fired, please?   If I see another story about management and sales retreats after the bailout - I think I'll through stuffed animals at my tv...  (Don't want to actually hurt the tv!)

Bill Binkelman:
So far, everything at the small private university where I work is status quo. But, since I am in teacher education, if schools start closing or laying off, and the word gets out that there are no teaching jobs, then our enrollment goes down and you can do the math from there. However, I am arguably one of the most entrenched folks here (most admin/support personnel only stay for a few years then leave, as they use this place to get their graduate degrees then leave for greener pastures). I've been here since 1999 and no one knows 1/10th what I do about licensing teachers, so hopefully I would be one of the last to be cut should they start lopping heads.

That said, as a 55 year old white male without a bachelor degree (but with arguably a shitload of business experience and a plenty of office/computer skills), I worry that if it does happen to me, the best I can hope for is going back to temping, which I abhor the thought of. I'm nowhere near ready to retire... probably won't be until I'm 70. So, even though I feel somewhat secure, I still worry about it. Am about to start looking for a second job to pay down some debt.

As VP of Creative Services at a large environmental photo studio in North Carolina, I am worried the housing market will drag down our business further. Advertising budgets are the first to be slashed. Who needs a sofa when food and shelter become paramount. I have had to let go 11 people so far, some with a lot of talent. Looks pretty bleak ahead. Save mode in our house.     H.

What hjalmer says about "save mode" is another side effect of what's happening, which is that even those of us who are fully employed, and financially just as well-off as ever, start to spend less at times like this.  That "hunkering down" that happens stunts the economy still further, as people who don't have money can't spend, and people who DO have money hold on to what they have.


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