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Time to fire up the gift card

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Thanks to the boss I've got a lovely iTunes gift card burning a hole in a briefcase. But you know, I'm sort of lazy and killing time looking for good ambient/electronic stuff over there just doesn't appeal to me.

So tell me, Forumites, what three CDs you think I should go get over at iTunes. (And yes, feel free to include your own music!!)

Genuine thanks,
The 'Gogue


Something by Murcof .... "Remembranza" perhaps.

Or Jeff Greinke : Soundtracks.

Joe R:
Tord Gustavsen Trio- Being There; Slow, spacious, reflective jazz. Just beautiful...

Dave Michuda:
O Yuki Conjugate - The Euphoria of Disobedience

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le):
I would recomend Chris Short (Ma Ja Le) "The Garden"

You won't regret it!



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