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How do you record?

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Ben Fleury-Steiner:
I know this was a topic in the previous board, but I really would benefit from some advice.  I'd like to purchase a cost-effective, portable set up for my PC.  I've recently switched to Ableton Live and really like it, so I'm talking interfaces.  If I recall APK mentioned a very affordable "small tower" of sorts with lots of connectors for mics and the like - that one that caught my interest especially...thanks again!

Well, most of the people i'm talking to dont believe me when
i tell them the facts about my Devices. ;D

There is my Laptop (standard everyday Laptop, nothing special) with build-in Soundcard.
So basically the sound from my guitar + the effects went directly into the onboard soundcard
straight to Ableton Live.

I'm also kind of amazed, how clear the quality of the recordings is.
So i guess i cant complain, but perhaps a bit more CPU Power
could be great.

That 'tower' interface was the Focusrite "Saffire LE".
Its very good for the money.

Ben Fleury-Steiner:

--- Quote from: APK on December 23, 2007, 01:16:31 PM ---Ben
That 'tower' interface was the Focusrite "Saffire LE".
Its very good for the money.

--- End quote ---

BIG thanks, Tony.  That's the one I'm after. BTW, since everyone''s gushing about it, Tony, what do you think of Live? 

I don't use Live (I use Sonar, and recently getting into Reaper because of the great routing and ease of recording of VSTi's live), but I have used it and think its excellent - solid program (code) and well designed. If I used sample loops I'd certainly switch to it 'cause its unmatched in that area and so user-friendly. Plus, as a live stage platform for manipulating loops on the fly its brilliant. Manipulating loops is its forté, but its a fine sequencer in its own right.


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