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update to Forrest Fang audio page

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In the spirit of jkn's recent goodies, I've added two new mp3s to my audio page.  One piece is an experimental remix I did in October for Barry Cleveland.  The other is an improv I did on Christmas day with the Wavestation I just acquired from Loren.  Great machine!

The audio page is here:


Just listened to the Untitled Improv... nicely done! 

Mark Mushet:
Ditto! Thanks Forrest! You'll soon have a CDs worth of Mp3s there! Press on!


--- Quote from: jkn on January 04, 2008, 11:17:47 AM ---Just listened to the Untitled Improv... nicely done! 

--- End quote ---

Indeed, the Untitled Improv is very nicely done, indeed!

Hey guys, thanks.  I appreciate the feedback.  It's a ritual for me to record almost immediately after I get a new piece of gear to try out the new sounds.  Wasn't sure anyone would be interested in the improv.  Was going to take it down, but now I'll keep it up there, at least for a while.



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