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:) Hi once more to all.
I've recently put a new track on Soundclick, so here's some hopefully interesting info about my latest creative doodling.

It's titled 'Escape To Your Dreams Until Morning' and is intended as a musical meditation with a little bit of an edge to it. Once again I decided to abandon the guitars and synths and instead I've used a variety of quite unusual all-acoustic instruments, recorded using a reasonable quality microphone, while being processed with painstakenly chosen, sympathetic effects to enhance the atmosphere.

Instruments used in order of appearance are:
Tibetan Tingsha's, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Copper Goatbell Tri-cluster (from Sweden), Layered Choral Voices, Hammered 12-string Box Zither, Spoken Voice, Magic Mushroom Woodflute (hand carved by flute maker Blue Deer Spirit) and, last but not least, the Cello (after which, the Tibetan and Swedish hand percussion elements then re-appear at the end).

I wanted a very human feel to this, so with this in mind the Zither was played straight through in one take and the flute was improvised free-form, and also recorded in one take.

Here's the link to my music page if you'd like to give it a spin now that you've read these details:

I've also created a new image (from my own original photography) to go with the track. You can see a larger version if you jump to my member profile page and scroll down quickly to the slide-show (you can stop the slide-show moving if you want to, by just clicking on an image).

8) Thanks for reading this far and please feel free to give me your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the sounds from my inner space, folks!
Garden  ;)

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