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Kyma X (Do you still want to learn?)

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I'm not sure which thread this belongs in, probably both. I've been fascinated by Symbolic Sounds Kyma system for about 12 years now. I never could really afford one and I am somewhat of a "computerphobe". I have recently sold some items I wasn't using and I have been thinking about the "Do you still want to learn?" thread from awhile back and decided to take the plunge on a used one. I really haven't tried to learn much new in recent years. So I've decided to learn a new, very deep piece of gear as well as a new (to me) computer language. I mean, how hard can it be?  ;D  ::)     Harry


Did you buy the used one yet? You might want to hold off as Symbolic is suppose to be releasing a new version very soon that is much more powerful and doesn't require pci cards anymore and is cheaper. I've thought about getting into one myself but they have always been just out of reach for me.

Yeah, I already have it, but I got it for a real good price , so I could probably get most of it back in a sale. Where did you hear about the new one? Seems like I saw something on that awhile back, but couldn't find it when I searched the web.

I heard about it on this thread on the Gearslutz forum:

Thanks Loren,  Lot's of interesting info there.


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