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Ambient Somnia Podcast 002: Fast Forwarding The Memory Mechanism

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Thanks to everyone who listened to the last show.

Im ending 2007 with a delicate show which moves from modern classical to fourth world soundscapes to deep ambience to a masterpiece of modern music by murcof.  I hope this year closes on a harmonic chord for you, leaving you peaceful and connected for the year to come.

1. Mico Nonet: Gloaming - (Mico Nonet)
2. Inch-Time: Kyoto (Autumn Leaves) - (Static Caravan)
3. Jon Hassell: Darbari Bridge - (NYEN)
4. Enrico Coniglio: Lav(a) sciuga - (Psychonavigation Records)
5. Porn Sword Tobacco: Copyright The Universe - (City Centre Offices)
6. White Rainbow: Waves - (Kranky)
7. Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Dupree: Resevoir - (12k)
8. Svalastog: Snow Tracer - (Rune Grammafon)
9. Rafael Anton Irisarri: Fractal - (Miasmah)
10. Murcof: Cosmeta - (Leaf Recordings)

As always, you can download the show and subscribe here:


Interesting selection, as last time, though I'm less familiar with these pieces and artists. The Murcof is a great one to close with - I do believe it's called "Cometa", not wishing to be pedantic/anal about graphology.

Ah yes, you are correct.  Fixing that now!

Awesome. This is once again truly brilliant. Just listened to the
first Song and i'm already blown away.

Will write something more when i'm completely done with the
whole thing.

Listening now, almost done in fact, and likely to start it over again when it's finished. Great music again, Evan, thank you!!


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