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sound symbols


jim brenholts:
i know there is a numina thread but this cd merits its own. this is - easily - jesse's best work!
the atmospheres are full of subtle nuances and descriptive washes. it  says - "hey, listen to me again" in a very subtle fashion.
great stuff, jesse!

drone on:
Really?  :o

Wow, well I respectfully disagree.  I think Sanctuary of Dreams is hard to beat, as a whole.  But I do like Sound Symbols.  It is definitely one of the more quiet and subtle works he has released.  I'm going to have to give it a good headphone listen soon.

drone on:
I gave Sound Symbols a workout on my good headphones, and this is definitely a great disc.  I especially liked the final piece, "Angelic Relic," a real beauty and one of the best Numina tracks to date!


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