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Since it's a brand spanking new year, 2009, why don't we have everybody post a quick "hello" and introduction.  Many of us have gotten to know each other over a fairly long period of time here on the Hypnos Forum and its various predecessor incarnations, but many people lurking or posting here may not know all the characters here.

Please try to keep this topic to personal introductions, and if everyone can behave and stay on topic, I'll "sticky" this topic so new visitors can benefit from it.

I'll go first, in a separate post.

I'm Mike Griffin, founder of Hypnos Recordings (the record label that is the whole point for the www.hypnos.com web site and thus this Hypnos Forum) in 1996 or so.  I'm also a recording artist on the label, with a handful of solo recordings, plus 2 collaborative releases with Dave Fulton, 1 with A Produce, 2 with David Tollefson (as Viridian Sun).

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, in a house with a nifty view of a big, green hillside of trees.  I'm 43 years old.  I live with my fantastic wife Lena, who runs the Hypnos office and mail order operation while I am away slaving at my day job.

Hello and welcome!

OK, now your turn.

I'm Mirko, and I'm going to New Zealand for a holiday in about 1 hr, so I'll try to be quick.

I live in Brisbane, Australia.  I write music, mostly ambient under the name Deepspace.  You may find many slightly, erm, argumentative yet ultimately overly-polite posts on this forum from me.  I am 36 years old and have a wonderful wife by the name of Kim Wilkins, who is a rather successful writer.  But I'm getting back at her this year, because Hypnos just released one of my albums.  So nyaah to her.  I also have a beautiful boy called Luka, who is 6 and a darling little feisty girl called Astrid, who is 2 and wears black gumboots with skulls on them. 


Hi, I'm Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) and I live in Ontario, Canada, but was born and raised in
southern England (and miss it). I'm married and have a wonderful daughter called Angela.

I run the DataObscura record label and have released quite a few albums under 3 names:
The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, and Nunc Stans.  Plus some collaborations.

Last real job was teaching philosophy. But now I spend most of my time playing keyboards,
messing with gear, listening to music, hanging out on the Hypnos board, thinking, cooking,
field-recording, drinking wine, and birdwatching/hiking when the weather is good. And I'm
older than Mike Griffin.

Scott M2:
Hi - Scott M2 is an abbreviation of Scott McGregor Moore. I'm also from Ontario - born here in Toronto and returned in the 80s.
I've been seriously into electronic music all my life and began to create ambient music in 95 and performing it live since 97.

In the last two years I've expanded my ambient obsessions into exploring ambient visuals: photography, films & installations.
This year is off to a good start with a small video installation running through January, my first DVD Single released this weekend
and a DVD Album very close to completion. This is exciting for me not just for the visuals, but the chance to release music
in surround sound. Space... another frontier.

I've also been curating THE AMBiENT PiNG live series here in Toronto since 2000 with Jamie Todd - my partner in dreamSTATE,
our main ambient project. Though I've been creating ambient for over a decade it always feels like I'm just getting started. Every pebble is a world.

My girl is Lynn Harrigan - a poet and teacher who has recently become a fiber artist - where she's found her deepest artistic obsession.
We were introduced by a mutual friend to see if dreamSTATE would be interested in creating soundscapes for her multimedia installation
in a historic gaol. Very soon we were a couple. We have several wordsoundart projects in development together.
A dog named Charlie completes our family.


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