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Gemini Ambience:
Hi Everyone,

I am a returning member to this forum. Haven't really had much time to work on music the last few years due to being laid off in 2009 and attempting to find work in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Didn't work out, so now I'm back home in Pennsylvania.

Just wanted to say hello now that I'm back on the forum. Feel like I'm starting all over again with my music as well as my life. Still have the MacBook Pro running Ableton Live 8. My current favorite synth is Zebra 2 by u-he. This synth is a powerhouse and now that I have loads of time on my hands til I find a new job, I figure I might as well start composing again.

Any tips or advice for a newbie approaching ambient production is welcome. Unlike the trance I used to write, I have no idea how a basic DAW workflow template should look for ambient. Will be searching the forum threads for any good topics or tutorials I may have missed since leaving.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Jim / Gemini Ambience

Welcome back Jim,

a tip - throw any preconceptions away and just create music you enjoy.

Hi Jim - I agree with Seren. Don't start from a "workflow" - just start making sounds, and tweaking and adjusting, until you come up with something you like. I'm usually not able to articulate my workflow until after I'm finished.

Gemini Ambience:
But what about approaching your compositions. Do you start with loops or do you do long recording passes on each track?

I'm not sure how much of a pad should be automated by modulation within the synth itself, and how much is manually controlled during overdubs (like playing some chord progressions first, then go back and automate parameters with MIDI controls). All the songs I really like tend to be a nice balance of pure ambience and rhythmic tracks...regardless if there's an actual beat.

Since I'm still learning how to program Ableton better, I was just wondering if there were any native tools that worked well with ambient compositions. I found a very good article on generative music with Ableton. I'll try a test of that tutorial and see if it provides good results.

I do like the idea of throwing away all my trance-related preconceptions, it feels more adventurous that way...but I feel like a total newbie approaching ambient composition. :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Hi Gemini,

Can I suggest you start a new thread in the members projects news and promotion board.

There are most probably threads somewhere in the history of the forum about what you are asking, but I'd hate to start digging to find them.

The questions you've written above would be a good first post and I'm sure many people would be willing to give advice...


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