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Bill Binkelman:
Bill Binkelman, 54, music reviewer of ambient/electronic/new age/etc. music since 1997. Currently reviewing for own site (the lethargic barely on life support Wind and Wire), website New Age Reporter, and just recently joined the staff of two hard copy magazines, New Age Retailer and Inspired Retailer as their new music columnist (finally, after 11 years, a paying gig!).

In real life, I'm the license certification officer for Hamline University's School of Education in St. Paul, MN. Have been partnered with Kathryn Heinze, a professor in the School of Education's Center for Second Language Teaching and Learning, since 1996. We are both divorced, no kids, unless you count our beloved lab-mix, Mamie, who we consider our daughter. Live in a small modest 1920s era house on the SE side of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Other interests besides music include NFL football (avid Green Bay Packer fan), cooking (my specialties are my seafood dishes), science fiction and fantasy film, home repair/restoration (when I have time), and single malt scotch (I'm probably the Forum's resident lush).

Got my love of music from my mother who slipped this earthly plane in 1990. Have a deserved repuation as a hot-headed curmudgeonly opinionated know-it-all....humph, it's a living. ;D I drink too much, don't get enough exercise, flirt shamelessly, have committed every cardinal sin known to man in my mind (as an ex-Catholic, I was educated to believe if you THOUGHT something, it was as bad as doing it), and, finally, I yearn desperately for a three-way with Anne Hathaway and Anna Pacquin and would sell my soul, provided I still have one, to make it happen.  :o

Harry Dibrell, 57, been fooling around with electronic music since about 1972. Have never released anything, because I seldom finish anything. I was raised all over the world, being from a military family and was heavily influenced by my early years in Japan ( late '50's to early '60's ). I currently live in San Antonio, Texas where the life style is slow and the Mexican food is great. I work for a veterinary lab testing company. I like ethnic foods and Shiner Bock beer and love to sit out in my backyard for hours at a time and barbecue and listen to the sounds that surround me.  Kathy, my wife of 26 years , somehow is able to tolerate me and put up with my bizarre tastes in music and everything else.  Go figure ??? . It can't be easy having to deal with a 57 year old adolescent.   P.S. I have a Texas terrier named Sparky who is only part mutt.

Forrest Houle, 42 (not to be confused with Forrest Fang).  I live in a log home out in the woods, in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountains in northeast Washington State.  Married 15 years, with two big crazy dogs to keep us company.  I've recorded and released some stuff as SunDummy (and a few other aliases as well); I'm currently just playing guitar for my own enjoyment.  I have a ton of recordings in my head, I just can't be bothered to actually take the time to bring them to fruition.   ;)  I started down the ambient path in college, when I bought Jeff Grienke's :Cities in Fog" LP on a whim.  I was enthralled, and have been interested in 'strange' music ever since.

I work at home, as the CFO of a medical recruiting company and the bookkeeper of a law firm.  It's pretty ideal, although I do find myself working much more, since my office is right here in the den.

I like free-heel skiing, road cycling, camping, hiking in the mountains, reading about physics, history and anthropology, and sitting on my front porch enjoying the silence.

Brian Bieniowski:
Hi, Brian Bieniowski, Sagittarius.  I'm thirty-two (joined the Forum when I was twenty-four), and a professional editor and semi-professional writer.  I'm currently managing editor of Asimov's Science Fiction.  I'm an avid fan of ambient music (duh), scuba diving, the swimming portion of triathlon, primitive photography (that is to say I suck at it), and I collect vintage paperbacks.  I wish I had a dog, but I have kept a pet tarantula instead for around eleven years.  I do not make any music.  :D

I've been married to my wife Bianca for five years (been together for about twelve), who works at Random House publishing.  We have a little house in suburban New Jersey, but dream about a day when we can both cork off from NYC rat racing and live on the West Coast, like the rest of the cool kids.

I run the Quiet Sounds Podcast (just got a nice nod on some public-radio related blog this weekend) and also the Aloof Proof unofficial information site for which there are links to both in my sig.

I keep a personal photo/writing/etc. blog at LiveJournal: http://asphalteden.livejournal.com

Hi. I am Martin Fuhs, recording under the alias "Seconds in Formaldehyde".
21 Years old, resident in Germany (near Erfurt). Also the head behind the
Waterscape Records Label which was started in 2007. Released 3 Full Length
Albums so far (fourth is finished and get a Vinyl treatment in March/April).

If i would have the possibility to take back some time, i would have probably
released zero albums till today. Most of my current albums are just based on
guitar droning ambient soundscapes. Many People told me that they are very
good and that people feel the emotion i have put into this music, but my fourth
album is a kind of restart for me and my music. Kind of leaning a bit away from
this Drone Stuff going into a different Direction. Still a bit drone but also mixed
with "Love Noise" (the kind of noise i do, cause its warm and comfortable) and
other Sounds.

I do have 2 Cats and i really adore them. Like to play football and from time
to time i do like some Video Games.

Guess thats all.


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