Author Topic: BLUE HELL/SHANE MORRIS "The Words/Step Away" ~ EdP ~ New Release!  (Read 1669 times)

Shane Morris

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Greetings Everyone!
I am very proud to announce a new release:

Blue Hell / Shane Morris
"The Words/Step Away" Edp018

This is a free download released under the Creative Commons Laws and can be
found at the Edp website.

Please Download:

Excerpt from the Album Notes:

Originally recorded Saturday, September 26th, 2009 as a live streaming
collaborative performance on between Blue Hell
(The Netherlands) and Shane Morris (USA). The performance was nearly five
consecutive hours of live improvisational electronic music. There was
nothing pre-conceived, arranged, or composed for this performance. In
fact, neither performer has ever physically met or spoken to the other
performer. This recording is entirely the product of internet relay chat,
streaming audio, and a friendship that exists beyond a material realm.
This recording is the highlights from that session boiled down and edited
to two hours of engaging experimental ambient electronics.