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Hypnos Forum move happening today (Thursday Jan 03, 2008)

The entire www.hypnos.com web site is in the process of being moved to a new server during the next few days.  The old server and new server will continue to operate simultaneously until next week, so there will be two Hypnos news pages, two Hypnos stores, two Hypnos CD releases pages, and so on.  We'll update both old and new in sync with each other during this transition, so it won't matter whether you visit one Hypnos store or the other -- in both cases, your order will be accepted and completed just fine.

One part of the Hypnos web site that cannot be run in tandem (two versions running at once until the transfer is complete) is this Forum.  Because there's a database that's updated every time someone posts a message or creates a new membership, or even updates their "signature" or their avatar, there is no way of keeping two Hypnos Forums in sync for several days without an unreasonable amount of non-stop work.  For that reason, later tonight, this Hypnos Forum, the one you're looking at right now, will be taken offline for maintenance, and the databases (including members, forum topics, posts, and everything) will be backed-up and moved over to the new Hypnos Forum which is already running in test mode, and has been checked-out by your trusty Forum Moderators, JKN and APK.

Soon after this Forum goes "down" into maintenence mode, that database backup & restore will be completed and the new Forum will be active and ready.  I will post an address on the Hypnos News page that points directly to the new Forum.  I will also post that link here, below, but please do not start visiting and posting to the NEW Forum before this Forum goes down into maintenence mode, otherwise any posts you make there will be wiped-out when this OLD Forum is backed-up and moved over.

The link to the new Hypnos Forum effective late 1/3/08 and onward will be

Eventually the hypnos.com internet domain will be converted over and you will be able to reach that Forum via the same address as this one, which is www.hypnos.com/smf

Please use this space (in the NEW Forum, starting Friday 1/4/2008) to post troubleshooting requests, problems, or questions relating to the NEW Forum.

A reminder.... you may visit that link to the NEW Forum prior to this OLD Forum becoming unavailable if you're just curious, and feel free to poke around and look all you want... but don't make any changes or posts that you don't want to be wiped-out when I convert over!  Continue to post here until the move is complete.


Made this a "sticky" so it will be visible on top to everyone, until this move is behind us.

I just disabled new member registration, but it will be enabled on the new Forum later tonight.  This was done so that I could move across all members now and then just worry about topics & posts later tonight when the move is completed.

OK, everything seems to be fixed, except user avatars which have disappeared again.  I think those may still be fixable, but for now I'm going to leave the "old" Forum closed and say we're officially open for business here on the "new" Hypnos Forum!

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  I'll keep working to fine tune everything, but feel free to post questions, problems, concerns and so on... post them right here in this topic.

I was a bit worried earlier tonight, but all's well at this point.


I hope to wake up in the morning and check in here, and find that the usual visitors have had no problems logging in and posting.


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