Stephen Philips - Lightness of Being - Now Available - Free Download!

Started by bunkdata, January 29, 2009, 10:24:58 AM

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ea005 - Stephen Philips - Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being is the lighter, kinder, and friendlier cousin of the Hypnos CD "Into The Dark." Sit back and let the soft and gentle waves of sound float over and around you. Like oceans of sound that carry you to heights of ecstasy, this music will lift your spirits and carry you beyond yourself and into other worlds of calm and bliss.

Where "Into The Dark" explored the dark worlds of loneliness and isolation, the music presented here is warm and inviting and easily integrates into whatever use you may have for it. Use it for meditation, relaxation, sleep, or listen at low levels and let the subtle environments paint the walls with peacefull washes of sound. This music makes for a vast departure of the "normal" air of darkness that Stephen's music usually embodies. Is this a rare departure into the heavenly realm or an all new direction?

Now available for FREE MP3 download at Endless Ascent -


Endless Ascent is also actively looking for new and established artists to release in 2009. Please send all inquires to

We you hope you enjoy the release and stop by often!

Thanks for reading/listening!


Endless Ascent is currently operating as a net.label dedicated to releasing light ambient, atmospheric and space music from around the world. Endless Ascent releases are free to download under a Creative Commons License for personal use.

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I enjoyed this release in bed last night, very soothing.  The final track "Heavenly Ascension" I especially enjoyed.
By the way, I'm really digging your new netlabel.  I like the fact that it caters to one style of ambient music... it means that there's a very good chance I'll enjoy every release.  :)
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Thanks for the downloads and feedback guys!  Things are off to a good start with Endless Ascent and I should be able to continue the monthly release schedule as I have in place for Dark Winter. 

There is so much great stuff out there and just not enough places to release it all, so hopefully the label will provide an outlet for the artists with material sitting on the shlef and a resource to the listeners looking for great ambient releases. 

Stay tuned for more!