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Vir Unis - Stand Still Like The Hummingbird [new release]
« on: January 30, 2009, 08:48:55 AM »
Artist:   Vir Unis
Title:   Stand Still Like The Hummingbird
Released:  January 16, 2009
Label:  AtmoWorks -
Format:  mp3 download (320 kbps) and cdr

Stand Still Like The Hummingbird is the latest offering from AtmoWorks artist Vir Unis. In ways it is aligned with earlier work that Vir Unis did with Steve Roach or Saul Stokes and solo work like Mercury and Plastic as well as Book of Mutations. There are deep and ultraviolet colored aural landscapes to explore while geometrical images of rhythms and electro-acoustical hybrid grooves forge new paths. While incorporating built upon techniques, this is an evolutionary step forward from Body Electric and Blood Machine, displaying a technical skill in percussion, machine programming, and refining 'in the studio' techniques to build a more elegant future.

Available as an mp3 download (320 kbps) or cdr from and also as a cdr from the Hypnos store.

Track List:

01 Sons of Thunder   [5:23]
02 A Calling Through The Wind  [8:15]
03 A Deepening Shift   [5:10]
04 Since Feeling Is First  [5:02]
05 The Moon And Tomorrow   [4:15]
06 In The Shade Sat Quietly   [3:48]
07 Stand Still Like The Hummingbird   [23:09]

About Vir Unis

Working for over twenty years, Vir Unis has released and produced nearly 50 albums.  His music has been played on nationally syndicated radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Echoes, and Starís End, as well as many others around the world.  Combining an ethereal and swirling sound of electronic synthesizers, samples, and computerized loops, Vir Unis weaves a sonic tapestry over fractalized beats and terrestrial grooves.  He has collaborated with some of the best in ambient music, such as Steve Roach, Saul Stokes, Vidna Obmana, Ma Ja Le, MjDawn, Rena Jones, Interstitial, and James Johnson.  He has also created loop libraries for Sony Creative Software, which has been used for sound design in tv and film.

About AtmoWorks

AtmoWorks has released and promoted electronic and ambient music since 2001 through 75+ releases (cd, cdr, and download), live concerts, online streaming concerts from artist's studios, and building an active community of music artists and fans.  AtmoWorks is currently owned by John Strate-Hootman (Vir Unis, The Elf Machine, miKroNaught), John Koch-Northrup (Relaxed Machinery, Interstitial), and Matt McDonough (MjDawn, miKroNaught, Mudvayne) and was originally founded by John Strate-Hootman and James Johnson.     

AtmoWorks has recently released a wide range of artists including:   Steve Brand, Disturbed Earth, Exuviae, Peter James, Mark Tamea, and Jonathan Hughes.

Upcoming Releases:

01/30 - Exuviae - Starting to See
02/06 - SAVO / Disturbed Earth - So Far
02/06 - SAVO / Disturbed Earth - Flight of Fancy
02/13 - Holon - Dream Awake
02/20 - Steve Brand / Disturbed Earth - Busy With Dreams
02/27 - Pixyblink - Withered Leaves
03/06 - Subseason - Subseason1
03/13 - miKroNaught - Neutrino_2.1
03/20 - Steve Brand - Cahokia
03/27 - Chris Russell - Aralu
04/03 - Disturbed Earth - Ghosts of Carthage

John Koch-Northrup .: jkn [AT] .: owner / artist .: .: .:

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Re: Vir Unis - Stand Still Like The Hummingbird [new release]
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2009, 10:46:29 AM »
I am super excited about receiving this one soon! Really glad AW is releasing CD's again, too. Looking forward to this year's releases.

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Re: Vir Unis - Stand Still Like The Hummingbird [new release]
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2009, 01:27:53 PM »
Been playing this non-stop since I got it. Fantastic stuff! On my best of 2009 list so far.  8)


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Re: Vir Unis - Stand Still Like The Hummingbird [new release]
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2009, 04:53:18 PM »
Really like the sample of A Deepening Shift on the atmoworks site. Looks like i'm gonna love this.