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The Circular Ruins: Retrospective 2009


(thought I'd copy the earlier post down to this area where it is probably more useful)

Available now as a FREE download:

The Circular Ruins: Retrospective 2009

The perfect introduction to the Circular Ruins sound - a full 75 minute
sampler album of TCR tracks selected from various albums by the artist.
Encoded as quality 256kbs MP3.

Available on the Dataobscura Free Stuff page :
Or you can download it right now :


Listening to the compilation right now, an excellent companion to working on graphics. I really like your choice of grainy, sandy sounds and the moods they set. Sometimes I hear an environment, and sometimes I hear a story, a delicate balance that keeps me listening.

Thanks for sharing these.


You are very welcome Matthew.

Many thanks for listening and for posting your perceptions. I appreciate it.



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